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Letters By Margaret Lawson


I have noted with interest the two letters re Badger Digging in your issue of October 1. However, this is only part of a much wider problem, that of our attitude to all God's animals. The idea that animals were created for man's enjoyment, and to be tortured and murdered for man's benefit is surely utterly incompatible with the concept of a God of Love, and it behoves us as Christians to make inquiries into all forms of injustice and cruelty inflicted on animals in slaughterhouse, factory farm, vivisection laboratory, circus and cruel trap, as well as blood sports, even although we are told that they are necessary to our well-being and advancement.

On the contrary, we shall find that they in fact contribute to our degradation and downfall, and this indeed may well be one of the fundamental spiritual issues which confront the Church and all mankind today. Even from the point of view of the conservation of our living environment it seems obvious that our Christian love must not be confined to our own species, but must go out to embrace all God's creation.

One practical step each could take would be to refuse to have anything to do with the products of cruelty, which is a great deal more possible than is generally realised. So may Christians everywhere work for the fulfillment of that wonderful vision of Isaiah, " 'They shall not hurt nor destroy in All My Holy Mountain,' saith the Lord."

The Church of England Newspaper (15/10/71)

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