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Letters By Margaret Lawson
(1960's - 1990's)

The Fellowship of Life
Autumn 1979

I have noticed your request in the summer issue for Christians and others to spread veganism among their fellows. Doubtless many do not know of the work of the Fellowship of Life which was founded in 1973 to do just that. The stated aim of the Fellowship is "to unite believers of all religions, or none, in a way of life which neither hurts nor destroys needlessly any part of creation, human, animal or environmental".

The founder is a "product" of the Church of Scotland so that primarily the work aims at establishing vegetarianism as a Christian virtue, vegetarianism in its widest sense, that is. A telling leaflet, "Calling All Christians" illustrating various animal cruelties most of which are the result of killing for food, is available free, and is distributed by contacts all over the country. Enquirers also receive vegetarian and vegan, and Beauty Without Cruelty leaflets, and our interest is now spreading to The Healing Research Trust for information on healing methods which do not include the use of drugs.

A newsletter is sent out around Christmas - last year's included the Vegan Society's Christmas leaflet, and this year we hope to have our own leaflet/poster, calling on Christians to make this Christmas a wholly holy one by refraining from the products of cruelty and killing. It must be emphasised that the Fellowship is not an actual animal welfare society, neither is it a political or pressure group, but rather a religious/spiritual, vegetarian/vegan fellowship and surely worthy of the support of vegetarians and vegans who deplore the attitude of the established churches and of most spiritual groups.

Margaret E. Lawson
Founder, Secretary
The Vegan (Autumn 1979)

Reproduced with thanks.

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