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Getting it Taped: The Rights of Animals

From The Vegan (Spring 1988):

Getting it Taped: The Rights of Animals
3 x 30 minute cassettes

Tom Regan & Andrew Linzey McCrimmon Publishing

In a time when instant access is a must for any message, a series of tapes on animal issues seems a good idea. The substance of these tapes is reliably excellent: Tom Regan and Andrew Linzey are, as the presenter constantly reminds us, intellectual and spiritual leaders of the animal rights movement.

The basic questions on subjects like the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation and hunting are dealt with carefully and skillfully in order not to alienate even the most hostile listener. For those with intellectual aspirations, more esoteric approaches are touched upon. There is much here from which we can all learn, if not from the facts and opinions then from the style.

However, the execution does not fully match the conception. With the obvious exception of Messrs Regan and Linzey's spontaneous originality of argument the presentation is poor: from the cover design through to the thinly researched accompanying literature there are glaring omissions. This is compounded by the ineptitude of the interviewer, betraying an obvious lack of concern by his poor research. Not a sharp enough antagonist and in no way the interviewees' equal he is at times quite obviously struggling to keep up. One feels that the Professor and the Reverend might have been better tested by the earnest opinion of "the man in the street".

Aside from those of partisan interests who should be able to make good use of them, the tapes are aimed at students and church groups in particular. These people are likely to suffer from this poor presentation and inadequate back up material for as a whole the package is not stimulating enough to stir and direct their interest. In turn their lack of enlightenment is likely to ensure that animals will continue to suffer. This medium ain't the message.

Reviewed by Geoff Francis

Reproduced with thanks.

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