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One Meal, One Day, One World
By Caroline Fraissinet

We are all inhabitants of this earth. No matter in what ways we may differ, that we all share. Even if someone denies that there’s such a thing as global warming or doesn’t think pollution is as bad as everyone says, that person will still be affected by the environment simply because we share this little space in the universe. But what can just one person do, especially if you’re too young to vote or don’t even drive a car? Well, there is a way that we all can and do impact the environment. In one day, we can turn the tables on some of the biggest problems we now face. One individual at a time, we can, as one world, do what is best for our planet and ourselves.

One Meal, One Day, One World

Jeremy Gilley, documentary filmmaker and founder of the organization Peace One Day said, “If you’re building a house, you start with one brick; if you’re building peace, why not start with one day?” That really got me thinking. And I realized that the same philosophy could be applied to every issue. So I thought, “What is something that everyone must do every day that impacts our world?” And I realized, “Well, we need to eat every day…and what we eat can really make a difference, both to ourselves and to our planet.” So I researched how a person can impact the world just by eating three meals free of meat, eggs and dairy a month; in other words, just one day’s worth of food a month. And the results were mind-boggling.

By choosing to eat three meals free of meat, eggs and dairy, otherwise known as vegan meals a month, the environment could benefit from a tremendous reduction in the amount of agricultural runoff. And what is agricultural runoff? Well, that’s any type of pollution or waste, like water, electricity or toxic fumes, that can be directly traced to the processes used to raise livestock or to produce dairy products and eggs.

But you may be thinking, “Well, what else can we do? We need to eat, right? And isn’t it good to plant crops?” Well, both those things are true. Humans must consume food and it’s good to cultivate the earth. It is the way that it is currently being done that is causing all of the problems.

To most of us, food really just comes from the grocery store. We know it’s manufactured on farms, but we usually don’t think about that too much. The meat, egg and dairy products that most of us eat come from factory farms. These factory farms may have once been a bunch of small, family owned farms, like Dorothy Gale grew up on in Kansas, but not anymore. Auntie Em and Uncle Henry were bought out by huge companies that are focused on one goal and one goal only; to make as much money as possible. On a factory farm where quantity over quality rules, the effects on the environment and the animal’s well being are inconsequential. The animals are pumped full of chemicals so that they can grow as quickly as possible. This puts them at greater risk for diseases that affect not only their species, but everyone and everything on the planet. Mad Cow Disease, SARS and the Avian Flu are just some of the diseases that started on factory farms.

The factory farms producing dairy products and eggs are even worse than where the animals end up: in the slaughterhouse. The poor treatment of the animals is stretched out because they’re valued for their by-products. They get injected with even more chemicals, which leads to more infection and even worse health all around; because whatever gets into the animal eventually gets into the consumer, us, and through us into the environment where we all live.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization linked animal agriculture to pollution of our water, soil and the ocean. It was also a major contributor in environmental problems, like acid rain and greenhouse gases. That’s because factory farms use an enormous amount of pesticides and chemicals, including the highly dangerous DDT and lindane that literally kill the environment. And as unbelievable as it may sound, the United Nations also linked animal agriculture to world hunger.

Now that you’ve heard the problem, listen to what could be a solution. The UN reasoned that nearly 200 million people could be fed in one year with the grain that is needed to feed factory-farmed animals. Think about it: thousands of people could be fed with that grain if just one person eats three vegan meals a month for one year. But just how is that possible? Well, according to the Audubon Society, 70% of the grain in the United States alone is used for animal agriculture. In fact, a Senate committee on agriculture stated that the grain needed to produce the meat in one Big Mac could instead have been used to make 5 loaves of bread. Isn’t quelling the pangs of hunger around the world worth a one less Big Mac a month?

If that’s not enough, you should know that the benefits of a vegan diet to your own health are enormous. A research project on diets, called The China Study, found that even a small increase in eating animal-based foods increased disease risks. Animal fats and proteins have been linked to all of the major chronic diseases in humans, from cancer to diabetes to heart disease, besides being major-league high in calories. As far as dairy products, we need to remember that a cow’s milk is perfectly formulated for a cow’s offspring. That means it has way too much fat for humans. The book “Eat, Drink and Be Healthy” states that milk has excess calories and has some links to at least two types of cancer. It is meant for the growth and the survival of the animal’s species, not the human species. And the cholesterol contained in an egg is meant for the development of a chicken. A Harvard University study found that with every 100 gram (or two-egg) increment daily, a woman can increase her risk of breast cancer by 22%. With all the health concerns today, wouldn’t it be better to even occasionally replace animal-based products with plant-based products in your diet?

A vegan diet contains more than enough protein, iron, calcium and even the elusive vitamin B12 to make up a completely balanced diet. If you’re thinking, “But it’s so hard to live without meat, eggs and dairy,” well, don’t you like spaghetti marinara, bean and rice burritos, veggie spring rolls, dark chocolate and even Oreos? They’re all vegan. There’s a vegetarian meal on the menu of every restaurant in America, and if it isn’t vegan already, almost any dish can easily be made so simply by saying, “Hold the cheese!” Next time you go to the supermarket, check the label on your favorite food. Chances are, it’s either vegan or has a vegan equivalent somewhere else in the store. It’s simply a matter of thinking before chewing…and checking the label.

With one meal, we can impact our future. In one day, we can turn the tables on some of the biggest problems we face today. As one world, we can unite for a better way of living for each and every one of us.

One meal. One day. One world.

Dear Ms. Fredericks,

My name is Caroline Fraissinet; I'm Donna Fraissinet's (the Administrative Assistant at the United Methodist Church in Wayne) daughter. She told me a lot of wonderful things about you and your organization, and I just wanted to formally introduce myself to you.

I've been vegetarian for about four years and vegan for three. I learned a lot within the time I've been vegan, especially about cooking and baking. I wrote an article on Helium.com about vegan baking and how to change non-vegan recipes into vegan-friendly ones, which can be found at: http://www.helium.com/tm/369255/before-vegan-avoided-stove ; it was on the front page of featured articles several times within the past few months. I believe my mom told me that she sent you a statement about some of my academic achievements and extra-curriculars, but I've attached my resume with that information (which I used for my college applications) along with this e-mail as well just in case.

I hope you liked my speech and am so glad to meet you! I think it's great that you and your organization are speaking out about how veganism helps not only the animals, but the environment, our health and the health of others; I really feel that we all can make a difference, and by encouraging others to be aware of a vegan diet, we can change the world for the better.

Very truly yours,
Caroline Fraissinet

College Resume

5 Nelson Place
Nutley, NJ 07110
(973) 661-3121

Caroline Fraissinet


Mount Saint Dominic Academy
3 Ryerson Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006
(973) 226-0660

GPA: 96.444 (4.0)
(School does not rank students)


Independent Filmmaking

• Began in 11th grade and continued into 12th grade

• Films created to fulfill general school projects and as a personal challenge

• Continuously worked on projects throughout the year (shooting, editing, scoring, creating DVD)

• Finalist in the Peta2 Veggie Video Contest in 2006

• Recognized for Best Score for work on a student film at North Carolina School of the Arts’ Summer Session 2007

Forensics (Public Speaking)

• Competed in the National Catholic Forensics League from 9th to 11th grade

• 7 hours per week, 40 weeks per year

• Participated in Declamation in 9th and 10th grades

• Participated in Original Oratory in 11th grade

• Nationally ranked three years running – attended the NCFL Grand National Competitions in Milwaukee, WI (2005), Chicago, IL (2006) and Houston, TX (2007)

• Ranked first in the Newark NCFL League in 2005 and 2006

• Ranked third in the Newark NCFL League in 2007

• Named Team Captain in 2007


• Member of three separate choirs in school: Concert Choir, Belles Voix and Blue Note Express; member of Concert Choir and Belles Voix from 9th to 12th grade, member of Blue Note Express (most elite) from 10th to 12th grade

• 4 hours per week, 26 weeks per year

• Belles Voix and Blue Note Express have received Superior rankings at the Hershey Music In The Parks Festival and Competition three consecutive years in 2005, 2006 and 2007

Environmental Club

• Member in 10th and in 12th grade

• 1 hour per week, 13 weeks per year

French Club

• Member from 9th to 10th grade

• 1 hour per week, 13 weeks per year

• Named Head of the Arts and Crafts Committee in 10th grade

Art Club

• Member from 10th to 12th grade
• 1 hour per week, 13 weeks per year


• Participated in 9th and 10th grades

• 1 hour per week, 13 weeks per year

Honors/Awards Positions

• First Honors in all semesters of school since 2004

• National Honor Society Member since 2007

• Yale Book Award – awarded by the Yale Club of Montclair for “personal character and intellectual promise” in 2007

Volunteer Service

• St. Catherine’s Infirmary in Caldwell, NJ – assisted Activities Director Tina Rivera in various activities for elderly residents – volunteer from 9th to 11th grade – 1 hour per week, 26 weeks per year


• Cision, Inc. – media monitoring and database entry – 5 hours per week (summer), 2 hours per week (rest of the year) – employed from 6/2003 to present

Summer Programs Attended

• Global Youth Leadership Conference (GYLC) in Europe 2006 – spent 2 weeks studying international politics and diplomacy in Vienna, Budapest and Prague – July 8-20, 2006

• North Carolina School of the Arts (NCSA) Summer Session 2007 – spent 5 weeks studying filmmaking and producing/ cinematography/editing/ directing/screenwriting/scoring music for student films – June 24-July 27, 2007


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