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I am in dire need of assistance for both of my cats. I recently adopted from the SPCA a 10 month old domestic named Lilly. Lilly began to sneeze after 2 days of being home with me. I took Lilly to the Vet and she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.

Unfortunately, she was around my cat Sasha (who was also adopted from the pound 2 years ago). Sasha began to get sick and I took her to the Vet and she too was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection which she caught from Lilly. Both were given antibiotics and quarantined from one another.

Sasha, my two year old has been taken to the Vet 3 times since Wednesday. She will not eat, not drink and she is just wasting away. The Vet yesterday did give Sasha some meds to help stimulate her to eat but she still refuses to eat and is lethargic. I have tried everything from baby food, to the smelliest tuna and she will not eat. I am terribly concerned that she will develop fatty liver disease if she does not eat leading to her death. I was able to give her the best care that I could for now.

The problem is that since both cats have been sick, I have totally exhausted all the money that I have. I have spent my whole paycheck on care and would spend any amount if I had it. My other cat Lilly is now experiencing eye puss with swollen eyes due to her infection. She is eating and drinking, however she also needs medical attention for her eyes. I will do anything to help these two babies and see them well.

My parent's and fiancÚ have helped as much as they can but I have no where else to turn. I have no credit card to use whatsoever due to a financial crisis in my life right now. I just do not know what to do. I am literally crying as I am writing this. I just tried to do a good deed by adopting and now both are suffering.

Any information or assistance you could provide would mean the world to me.

Kitty's Information:
Sasha Nooney (Listed under my fiance's last name)
Vet: Huffard Animal Hospital, Inc.
8073 Ritchie Highway
Pasadena, MD 21122
Phone: 410-768-3620
(Please Note: I was unable to get Sasha into Everhart's so took her to our other family vet Huffard)

Lilly DiFrancesca

Vet: Everhart Animal Hospital
4005 Ritchie Hwy
Baltimore, MD 21225
(410) 355-3131
Email: [email protected] 

I look forward to hearing back from you. Once again, I do appreciate any assistance you can provide. I want to take them to the Vet as soon as possible, so I am praying that you get this message in time.

Thank You and God Bless


Hi Sherry,

Sorry to hear about your cats! Right now, we don't have any money, but perhaps we will soon. Also, I've attached a flyer you can copy (it's below) and a picture you can add to it (or perhaps a picture of a cat of your choice) to get donations. We try to get churches to donate, so if you contact some local churches to talk with the Pastor, they may post it, put it in the bulletin or take up a collection for us and about 90% will go back to you.

I can also forward your message to others to help donate if you like.

The SPCA should give you some money to cover the vet bill of at least the cat they gave you. Isn't that a law that if you adopt a sick animal that they need to pay for the medical bills? I would check into that. At least let the SPCA know what they did. I look forward to hear from you. Sorry we can't help further. I need to update a list of organizations that helped people, but, I'm attaching the list. Maybe one may help?











Checks can be made out to God's Creatures Ministry and sent to:

 P.O. BOX 322
 WAYNE, NJ 07474

Please mark for Veterinary Charity Fund

QUESTIONS? CONTACT: [email protected]



Response to Reply

Hello Jan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I truly appreciate your time in writing. Thank you for the suggestion on contacting the shelter. I am going to do that this morning. They should have never let the cat be adopted being so sick. Before I contact them, I am taking her back to the vets this morning because of her poor eyes. If you would not mind, could you please pray for my beloved pets. I have not been blessed with children so, they are like my babies. Thank you once again, and please have a blessed day.


P.S. Enclosed is a picture of Sasha my 2 year old.


Hi Sherry,

Please let me know how you do with the SPCA, the vet and local churches. I don't have children either, and appreciate your great care for your pets. Sasha is adorable! Let me know if you want your plea to be circulated and to whom to make out the checks to and to mail to. It's best to have checks made out to the vet and sent to you. It's too bad your vet doesn't keep an account for you and that you depleted all of your funds. Maybe they'll keep an account for you to be paid off?


Response to Reply

Hi Jan,

That would be great if you could do that. I have had to make a conscience decision to take Lilly back to the SPCA. She needs care, and I just can not afford to give her that care that she needs. I had to take Sasha back to the Emergency vet this morning. She still will not eat and in a day or two we may need to be much more aggressive with a tube feeding through the nose. Any help, any would be great. The vet that is now caring for Sasha is Everhart Animal Hospital. I do believe that I had included the address of the hospital and the telephone number in my previous email. Thank you once again. Please keep us in prayer. It is breaking my heart to take Lilly back, but the Lord laid it on my heart to do so. Looking forward to hearing back from you.



Sorry to hear about Lilly. It sounds like you have your hands full. Can you write a paragraph condensing everything and call the vet to be sure they will accept checks from other people? That would be great. Many thanks.


Response to Reply

Sure Jan. The vet's office is now closed. But I will ask them in the morning. I think I have just about cried myself out today. I am exhausted. I will send a brief paragraph in another email. You have been a great comfort this morning. It's great to know that people do care in this world. When I do get back on my feet financially, I will be sure to make a donation to the great cause your group has.



Hi Sherry,

Does Shasha have cataracts?
I look forward to hear how you do on Monday.
Did you use Nutra (spelling?) cat food? There were emails going around about it being bad.

Prayers are with you.

Response to Reply

Hey Jan,

No, she doesn't. Maybe the picture I sent appears that she does. Sorry about that. I feed Sasha Eukanuba. Thanks for the info though about Nutro. I know a couple of people at work that feed their pets that. I will keep you posted tomorrow. I have put everything in the Lord's hands. As they say, "he only gives us as much as we can handle". Have a great night.



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