FDA Discovers Dangerous Antibiotics in Slaughtered Cows
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From Robert Cohen, NotMilk.com

The June 17, 2010 issue of Food Safety News reports that unsafe levels of antibiotics have been found in the flesh of slaughtered cows meant for human consumption.

One drug, Flunixin, is permitted by FDA to treat very sick horses. It is banned for dairy cows. FDA will not tell you that consumption of meat and milk with flunixin can cause serious kidney damage in humans and intestinal bleeding and other gastrointestinal complications.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had no comment regarding the milk from these cows, but the federal agency did send warning letters to guilty dairy farm operators in Ohio and Indiana.

So what else is new? We've been writing about this issue in Notmilk columns for 15 years.

Why are antibiotics not effective when humans need them? Give ya one guess...

FDA identified the antibiotics as flunixin and gentamicin. These drugs were at unacceptable levels. FDA defines acceptable levels of flunixin (sounds like a diseases ex-president) as 0.125 parts per million. The cow from Troyer dairy farm had a flunixin level at more than eight times the safe level. The tolerance level for gentamicin is zero. Uh, oh.

Having read the above, would you purchase meat and cheese from the Troyer farm? http://www.troyercheese.com

FDA has concluded: "The presence of these drugs in edible tissues from this animal in these amounts causes the food to be adulterated..."

FDA also found Draxxin, also known as Tulathromycin. This drug is not legally permitted to be used on lactating dairy cows.

Sadly, today's story is the rule and not the exception for dairy farmers. Sadly, FDA will not continue their investigation, for to do so would immediately put an end to the dairy industry.

Sadly, many people continue to eat flesh and drink body fluids from diseased animals as well as antibiotics used to treat their sicknesses.

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