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From Robert Cohen,
March 2013

Published March 7, 2013 in The Conway Daily Sun, in response to editor of Hoard's Dairyman's letter published February 19, Milk is Nature's Most Perfect Food.

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, Corey A. Geiger, managing editor of Hoard’s Dairyman (The National Dairy Farm Magazine) wrote:
“Milk is nature’s most perfect food … Our human society has known for over 7,000 years that dairy products are good for you, despite what was printed in your paper on Jan. 18. Milk. It does a body good...”

Two of society’s greatest challenges today are 1. Early sexual maturity and 2. The illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Both of these issues will be addressed in this letter to the editor. I would be interested in Mr. Geiger’s response as a self-proclaimed milk expert.

The most powerful growth hormone in the human body is insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). There are approximately 4,700 mammals in the animal kingdom. There are millions of different protein and steroid hormones in nature. Each one differs in structure so that there are no perfect matches between two species, with one exception, IGF-1.

Human and bovine IGF-I are identical between people and cows. Thousands of scientific studies have called IGF-1 the key factor in the growth and proliferation of every human cancer. Nations with the highest per capita consumption of milk and dairy products also lead the world in the per capita growth of every human cancer.

IGF-I is recognized as a performance enhancing drug (PED) for professional athletes. First time use for a major league baseball player results in a 30 day suspension. If an ballplayer tests positive for IGF-I use three times, he is suspended from playing baseball for life.
As for early sexual maturity...

On Oct. 26, 1963, Hoard’s Dairyman recognized that growth hormones in milk did exactly what they were designed to do by taking credit for abnormal height, weight and early sexual maturity of Japanese children by referring to Japanese kids as: “Sprouting Nippers.”

Before the second World War, Japanese consumed virtually no milk. Japan’s solution to rebuilding their nation included building a dairy industry.

Just 18 years after cow’s milk consumption began in Japan, The Christian Science Monitor cited a scientific study in Preventive Medicine and wrote: “The average height of 15-year-old boys in Japan has jumped 3 1/2 inches since World War II." Hoard’s then repted: “Clothing and school equipment manufacturers are faced with the problem of revising size standards to keep pace with the sprouting Nippers.”'

In fact, in less than a generation, the average 12-year-old Japanese girl also gained 19 pounds, and the age of her mensus (sexual maturity) dropped from 15 years to 12 years.

I appreciate Mr. Geiger’s opening this dialogue, and anxiously await His commentary on Hoard’s use of the phrase “Sprouting Nippers,” early sexual maturity, and the consequences of today’s American children dosing themselves each day during school lunches with naturally occurring powerful growth hormones in their milk.

Robert Cohen,
Oradell, N.J.

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