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Longevity - 10 Mar 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

In the March 2006 issue of the AARP Bulletin, there is an interesting article entitled “Why Do Some People Live So Long?” On the cover of the Bulletin is a photo of an elephant and superimposed on the photo are the words “Secrets of Longer Life, Discovery of Key Longevity Genes May Keep You Healthy Longer.”

My first reaction to this cover was something like, “Oh, another one of those health articles.” I even mentioned to Frank that I thought it was ironic that they should use the elephant’s photo as a backdrop, since elephants are vegetarians and do not eat animal products in their natural habitats. Then I added that the vast majority of recipients of the Bulletin would probably limit their connection to “elephants and longevity” but would not make the connection between the elephant’s plant-based diet and longevity.

As expected, the object of the study is to develop drugs “to mimic the chemical signals that the genes send to the body,” instead of mimicking the pure vegetarian diet of the elephants in their natural habitats.

Could the reason be that there is no potential for monetary return in this pursuit, since an expensive drug would not be needed? Is it because most people are only interested in a “magic bullet” and buy into the sensationalism of highly promoted “cures”?

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