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Fat – 12 April 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Last night I wasted my time watching a PBS TV program titled “Fat: What No One Is Telling You.” Here is the printed description in the April issue of the area member magazine: “Gives viewers a window into the intense human dramas that rage inside people who have been labeled obese and the difficulty of solving their weight problem.”

Here are some of my thoughts and questions about this “waste of time”:

The title is appropriate, because after watching it, I came to the conclusion that people were “still not told”! Why was surgery encouraged as a solution for obesity and the risks of surgery not mentioned? In one scene, the use of mice to promote this surgery underscored the low opinion I already had of those who are making a lucrative business out of the misery of the people who are obese. (Why is it that God’s creatures are made to suffer for human problems with which they’ve had nothing to do?)

Why were no vegetarian/vegan medical doctors and their patients, who have been successfully helped, included? Why was even the word “vegetable” avoided except when used in a derogatory way: as when one person who frequented fast food places pretended to not know what a vegetable was! Wow! What a sense of humor!

Why wasn’t the fact that for generations, the occurrence of obesity and many degenerative diseases has been rare in countries around the world until fairly recently. Instead of speculating and utilizing other animals, how much simpler (as well as yielding more accurate results) it is to just use population/diet studies that are already available. But then, where’s the money in that? Right?

Then there was the woman who said she exercised three hours per day. She was shown talking as she struggled with her work-outs. You can’t help but wonder if the program isn’t just a promotion for surgery as a solution for obesity.

The duping of people into complicity with their medical manipulators is becoming just another form of corruption.

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