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Chicken – 2 October 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

People are fed a lot of lies to keep them feeding on products of cruelty that are disastrous to their health as well as to the environment.

One of these products of cruelty is chicken – something I’ve known for quite a while. So I was happy to see an article in the Fall 2007 issue of PETA’s ANIMAL TIMES that further explains how eating chicken contributes to the destruction of the environment.

In an article titled “Why You Can’t Be a Meat-Eating Environmentalist,” there is a paragraph bearing the title “Eating Chicken Destroys the Amazon” that states, and I quote:

“Eating Chicken is just as bad for the environment – and your health – as eating beef is. (And chickens are abused even worse than cows.) KFC and other companies that sell chicken flesh are largely responsible for the destruction of rain forests, because the birds they raise are fed crops grown in the Amazon. More than 2.9 million acres of Amazon rain forest were destroyed in the 2004-2005 crop season in order to grow food for chickens and other factory-farmed animals.”

People need to start facing the facts about the effect that their eating habits are having: “According to the U.N., the meat industry generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars, trucks, ships, and planes in the world combined.” Wow! Yet politicians, who are beholden to the powerful industries that keep this destruction going, would rather lie to the public that they are supposed to serve.

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