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Letting Businesses Know Our Opinions – 5 December 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

I’ve been putting off answering a questionnaire from an area supermarket where we shop – until this morning. I decided it was time to politely let our opinions be known after getting a printed request – “Your opinion matters to us” (with a free package of macaroni and cheese offered as an incentive!) – at the checkout counter of yet another store yesterday; and then receiving an ad in the mail from a car dealership offering a “free ham” (color photo included in the ad) to anyone coming in!!!

I emailed the store that offered the macaroni and cheese, and politely and briefly explained that this product is not appropriate for strict vegetarians and people allergic to dairy. I ended my message with “Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

Then I answered the mail-in “customer comment card” from the supermarket. After their request for “overall comments,” I wrote: “As strict vegetarians (vegans) we shop around for products that do not contain animal-derived ingredients. (We read the labels.)” In answer to their last question, “What would improve your overall shopping experience?” I wrote: “The availability of a wider selection of products that do not contain animal-derived ingredients and lots of good quality produce.”

Well, at least I feel better letting them know that there really are some people around here who don’t eat animal products!

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