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The McDougall Newsletter – 29 March 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

With all the commercials promoting the sale of “fiber,” I thought about the excellent advice found in The McDougall Newsletter. The article that addresses fiber bears this provocative title: “Chained to the Bathroom.” I like the fact that Dr. McDougall’s program is based on solid medical science that really works, and that his articles are fully documented. Please visit for a complete reprint of this article.

Here are a few quotations from “Chained to the Bathroom”:

“There are, however many different kinds of fibers in plant foods which have many functions in the bowel. Therefore, I have found the benefits from a change to a plant-based diet with hundreds of naturally healthy fiber to be much greater than those seen with a single fiber source.”

“I believe the best diet for preventing and treating all forms of colitis is based upon starches with the addition of fruits and vegetables. This diet is also devoid of all free fats (all vegetable oils) and all animal products. If this fails to resolve the problems then the next step is to eliminate wheat products. Finally, the elimination diet should be tried to search out any offending foods. With this approach I have seen most people with colitis improve and many cured of their conditions – including those with the more serious forms of IBD. There is no reason not to believe this and try a healthy diet for a period of time (say 4 months). There are no added costs and no side effects from this approach and there is a real possibility of excellent health being the result.”

About John A. McDougall, M.D.:

“As with many leaders of public opinion, he often finds it necessary to challenge the accepted wisdom of the time, and was one of the first traditional physicians of the medical "establishment" to assert that adoption of a vegetarian diet can reverse unfavorable medical conditions such as heart disease. Medical research is now confirming this assertion. And slowly but surely, medical practitioners are accepting it.”

Be sure to visit his website: 

For a previous Blog of mine about John A. McDougall, M.D. please visit:

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