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Do You Use Chicken Broth? – 18 March 2009

Have you noticed all the commercials for chicken broth lately? Every time I see one of these promotions I wonder how many people realize what “chicken broth” really is.

Hens, who have outlived their economic usefulness as egg producers in the most horrid, filthy, over-crowded, dark, ammonia-smelling surroundings imaginable, are pulverized to produce “chicken broth.” The bodies of these spent hens are in such bad shape that they can’t be sold as “meat,” so the industry – wanting to squeeze every bit of profit out of what would be considered “garbage” – sells the public “chicken broth.”

Want to stop being “taken for a ride” by the exploiters who profit by the public’s ignorance of the facts? It’s easy and fun – Go Vegan!

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