Heal our Planet Earth




Heal Our Planet Earth





Anthony Marr

Founder & President

Heal Our Planet Earth

4118 West 11th Avenue

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6R 2L6

604-222-1169, toll free 866-822-1169

[email protected]




Donations are all that sustain HOPE campaigns.

Our overhead is less than 5%, unlike the 50% of certain others.

All campaigners, including Anthony Marr himself, work as volunteers.

In other words, over 95 cents of every donation dollar go to the animals

instead of 50 cents going to some senior executive directors' yachts.

We are personally dirt poor; our motivation is compassion.


Please donate to


Heal Our Planet Earth



Anyone donating over $200 will receive a free copy of Anthony Marr's book

Omni-Science and the Human Destiny



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