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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Bear hunting protestors cry foul

The Mirror, Sooke, BC        

by Mitch Moore


… Kerry Fedosenko, the returning officer at the Saseenos school polling station, said she was instructed by the chief electoral officer Thomas Moore to ask a lone canvasser to move from the school… The canvasser, Jefferson Bray, complied.


Later, however, Bray and two other supporters moved back closer to the entrance and Moore contacted the Sooke RCMP. 

Bray said he reluctantly complied until he was told by other ‘Bear Day’ volunteers that Fedosenko had no authority to ask him to move.


“I was told that I was well within my rights to be there. I wasn’t blocking people’s access and I was not representing any of the candidates… He refused to move when asked by RCMP officers. They eventually let him stay…

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