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Anti Trophy Hunting
Bear essentials aired at debate

Nanaimo Daily News


When environmentalist Anthony Marr brought his campaign to ban grizzly bear hunting to Nanaimo, his audience listened. Not everyone in the Beban Park meeting room Tuesday night agreed with him, but they all paid attention.


Bob Morris, past-president of the BC Wildlife Federation, and Bill Derby, vice-president of the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protection Association, were two of a party of hunters who came to hear what Marr had to say about bear hunting. And to challenge his conclusions.

Morris didn’t trust Marr’s motives, or those of WCWC.


“Basically their goal is to try and ban hunting altogether, using the grizzly bear as an icon.” Marr replied that that would be a glorious quest, but one too distant for his remaining life span.


Derby said the grizzly bear hunt is “very tightly controlled”, taking fewer bears than die as road kill. Morris said there was no need to ban the hunt, as the grizzly population is rising. Marr replied that grizzly bear hunt victims number about 300, higher than the road kill number, and that even according to the BC government, the grizzly bear population is decreasing in the long run.


Derby said banning hunting might lead to more bears getting killed, because as they got more accustomed to being around people, they would get bolder.


Marr answered that he’s heard all these arguments before. There was no evidence that stopping the hunt would make the bears more dangerous, such as in the Yellowstone and Glacier

National Park, where grizzly hunting is not allowed…


Marr’s campaign has won him a variety of enemies…

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