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Anti Trophy Hunting
The facts contested - Anthony Marr’s message alarms conservationists of all stripes

The News Weekender, Parksville / Qualicum        

by Rebecca Stevenson


Anthony Marr has a history of being targeted by hunters, and his presentation to about 30 area residents Monday was no exception.


Marr… was greeted by local hunting advocates with a reaction he calls “typical”…


As a Chinese Canadian, Marr feels he is in a good position to fight (the traditional Oriental use of bear and tiger parts) traditions because of his heritage. However, he has still encountered vicious racism from Caucasian opponents.


“Some say, ‘You should go back to Chinatown and clean up your own mess.’ Another guy wrote a letter-to-the-editor saying, ‘Anthony Marr is trying to ban the bear hunt so his countrymen have more bears to poach,’” said Marr.


The activist has also paid a price for his high-profile campaign. Irate opponents have threatened, insulted, targeted, even assaulted Marr.


That hasn’t deterred Marr from spreading his message…A downside of hunting is that it is anti-evolutionary, said Marr, because trophy hunters go for the most magnificent specimens in prime breeding condition, leaving the lesser ones to reproduce. Enough of this happening, and the quality of the species declines, he said.


The hunters at Monday’s presentation argued that without their presence as a “conservation force”, more grizzlies would die at the hands of the poachers.


Marr asked, “If the hunters are such effective heroes, why don’t they go and hunt evil poachers instead of innocent bears?”


He said that relying on hunters to watch out for poachers is “like relying on wolves to safeguard sheep against coyotes, with apologies to wolves and coyotes.”…

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