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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Letís get civilized Ė No more grizzly hunting!


by Guy Dauncey


OK - so I'm not a hunter, and I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. I still think that it's unbelievably primitive, barbaric, cruel and stupid to hunt Grizzly Bears. Just because they're large, beautiful and non-human, do we have to shoot it ? Back in 1996, Anthony Marr undertook a 12,000 km road tour around BC with the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, gathering 90,000 signatures to trigger a referendum to ban bear-hunting. It wasn't enough, but now Anthony is on the road again in an attempt to get grizzly bear hunting banned, in spite of threats to his life. The grizzly population has declined by nearly half since European settlers arrived. With continuing habitat loss, hunting and poaching, the decline is continuing. Of 8 species of bear in the world today, 5 have been pushed to the brink of extinction. The 6th is the brown bear, of which the grizzly is a subspecies. Anthony is in Duncan on July 29th and in Victoria on Friday July 31st (see Diary), followed by a Rally at the Legislature. If you can help by phoning to tell supporters about the slide presentation and the rally, call Jessica at 388-9292.

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