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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, and rhino trophy hunting in South Africa

As you may be well aware, South Africa has recently legalized elephant hunting. The "Big Game Hunters" of the world can now go there and kill a magnificent tusker with impunity. I wonder what Nelson Mandela feels about the following online ad by a hunting company.

Trophy Hunting Elephant in South Africa

Name   -  Elephant
Scientific Name   -  Loxodonta africana
Average Weight Male   -  5500kg
Average Weight Female  -  3700kg
Shoulder Height Male  -  3.2m
Shoulder Height Female  -  2.5m
Mating Season   -  Throughout the year

Elephant Hunting
Prepare well in advance, as this is a hunt where your physical ability will be tested to the full. Walking great distances, often in heat well into the 90ís (Fahrenheit) is not an uncommon feature. There is a real possibility of tracking an elephant that has insufficient tusks, only to start looking for another one and tracking it.

Stalking could be tedious, dangerous and uncommonly long as one would like to place the perfect shot. This hunt can be intimidating due to the sheer size of the quarry, the loud trumpeting sound and the breaking of foliage when fleeing, or even worse, when charging. Average range would seldom exceed 50 yards. Please listen to, and comply with any instructions your PH has briefed you on before the hunt commences.

My friend and elephant preservationist Kristal Parks recently returned from her last trip to Africa, and has taken some wonderful videos of the elephants there - elephants in the wild and baby orphan elephants playing in the mud in Kenya at the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary and Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. She has put some of her video highlights on YouTube. Check it out, and give Kristal and the elephants some support.

Kristal Parks, M.A.
[email protected]

The above same hunting site also goes for the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, hippopotamus and even the highly endangered White rhino) - see http://www.africanskyhunting.co.za/. No doubt, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, both members of Safari Club International, are salivating already.

An important point to consider about lion hunting is that the hunters go for the big males. A big male may be one of two or three males guarding a pride with 10 or 20 cubs. Killing this big male may cause bachelor young males to defeat or kill the remaining pride male(s), take over the pride, and in doing so, kill all the cubs. So, killing one lion may mean killing one lion + 20 cubs.

But as long as they get their trophy for the rec-room floor, what do they care?


Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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