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HOPE-GEO Initiates Global BOYCOTT JAPAN Campaign


Minke whales, hundreds of which are being killed by Japan every year under the guise of "scientific whaling," are also called "cockroaches of the sea" by the fisheries minister of Japan.

"This is the worst case of adding-insult-to-injury I have ever seen," says Anthony Marr, founder of the Vancouver-BC-Canada-based Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organization - HOPE-GEO.

"Japan is the most powerful, most aggressive and most devious commercial-whaling nation in the world," continues Marr. "Its latest push includes an unethical and illegal global vote-bribing maneuver targeting a broad range of small countries and aboriginal tribes. Japan has pushed the weak-willed International Whaling Commission to announce a likely termination of the global commercial whaling ban, a ban that has been defied by Japan and Norway every year since its enactment in 1986. And now, they are going after the sperm whale and the Bryde's whale as well."

"If left unchecked, Japan can almost single-handedly restart global commercial whaling as early as 2001," warns Marr.

Concerned citizens, even world leaders such as Clinton and Blair, have tried to find a way to halt Japan's disregard for international law and agreements. Good people have written countless letters to the Japanese government and boycotted specific Japanese corporations that have connections to the whaling industry, all to no avail. Unfortunately, since Japan ignores the warnings of presidents and prime ministers, letters from individual citizens have no chance of being considered.

Therefore, HOPE-GEO has launched the BOYCOTT JAPAN campaign to bring about a global and long-term general boycott of all Japanese goods, regardless of whaling connections on the part of the individual Japanese corporations, until such time as Japan discontinues whaling.
The only petition the Japanese government can understand is if Sony, Toyota, Pentax, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, etc., as well as government accountants, all say, "Stop the minor industry of whaling; the major industries are taking a beating because of it!" YEN is the most powerful word in the Japanese language, as unfortunately DOLLAR is the most powerful word in ours.

HOPE-GEO calls upon all whale-lovers to forward this news release to as many people who oppose whaling as possible, worldwide.
"I realize that it is difficult to avoid the purchase of Japanese goods altogether, but I'd like all concerned people to constantly remember the whales when they go shopping, and to buy non-Japanese alternatives as much as possible. Let's all keep this up as long as Japan has whale blood on its hands," says Anthony Marr.

A worldwide BOYCOTT JAPAN DAY will soon be organized.

Contacts: Anthony Marr, 604-222-1169,
[email protected] 

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