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Costa Rica, Kenya and Peru key to blocking Japanese drive to re-open commercial whaling

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:01:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Anthony Marr <[email protected]>
Subject: Costa Rica, Kenya and Peru key to blocking Japanese drive to re-open commercial whaling

In the 2005 IWC convention, of the 66 IWC member nations, 29 voted YES to commercial whaling, and 30 voted NO. Three anti-whaling nations - Costa Rica, Kenya and Peru, could not vote due to delinquent subscription payment, and four pro-whaling nations which had received bribes from Japan - Belize, Gambia, Mali, and Togo - were absent.

If all IWC member-nations show up to vote in 2006 (and we can count on Japan to twist the arms of Belize, Gambia, Mail and Togo to be present to vote), it will be 33 YES and 33 NO, which would deprive Japan of the 51+% majority.

So it seems to me that Costa Rica, Kenya and Peru must vote, even if the anti-whaling nations have to pay their membership dues for them. But is the anti-whaling side organized enough to make this happen?

And there is a greater danger, that if we don't do it, Japan is going to do it for us. If I were Japan, I would. Those with the money, now is the time to shell out.

Anthony Marr

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