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Letter from Neil Gregory on Anti-Whaling

To whom it concerns:

While deliberating on the Makah case I feel it is very relevant for you to be aware of the fact that the Makah Indians of Neah Bay initially applied for a commercial whaling license. This application is publicly available in archives and shows that only after receiving advice from the high profile Washington DC public relations firm Denny Miller and Associates, did they change the wording of this application to "cultural and ceremonial" whaling.

It may be of further interest to know that Tom Happynook (an Aboriginal hereditary whaling chief from the Huu-ay-aht on Vancouver Island) has worked very much with the Makah and is the chairman of the World Council of Whalers, a Japanese based and funded commercial whaling endeavor that focuses on gaining aboriginals whaling rights. A read through the website will show clearly the intent of gaining these rights...to sell the whales to Japan. This is evident in the fine print and between the lines as any past trade in whale parts is eluded to as commercial, and thus the right to sell whales will be inherent in any whaling rights achieved.

I hope this can serve to further enhance your understanding of aboriginal whaling.

Neil Gregory
Victoria BC
[email protected]


Response by Anthony Marr

The dirty secrets in Makah's "cultural" whaling
All opposed to whaling:

Neil Gregory is a Victoria-BC-based activist who personally went to Neah Bay WA in 1999 to battle the Makah whale hunt which nonetheless killed a young, trusting Grey whale with utter cruelty, savagery and impunity, and with utterly no sorrow, regret or remorse.

Following is a comment from him which very succinctly reveals the true nature of the supposed "cultural hunt" in question, not that any "cultural hunt" is necessarily justifiable, such as the continued hunting by Canadian Inuits of the highly endangered Eastern Arctic Bowhead whale

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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