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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Response to DFO's letter in Vancouver Sun

From: Anthony Marr
Date: Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:00 pm
Subject: Response to DFO's letter in Vancouver Sun

Dear Editor,

About two years ago, a Toronto "artist" live-skinned a cat as "art",
which raised a firestorm of outrage, and was rightly penalized. So
why should basically kind-hearted Canadians tolerate the live-
skinning of 7,000 baby seals? By even David Bevan's own admission,
2% of the 350,000 seals slaughtered in every "hunt" season were
killed "inhumanely". There are other equally legitimate reports
that rate the percentage at 10%, 20% and even 40%. Just 10% would
be 35,000 seals skinned alive. 7,000 seals lined up in single file
would stretch 7 km or 35 city blocks; 35,000 seals, 35 km or 175
city blocks. Could even Mr. Bevan walk the distance without feeling
even a smidgeon of remorse?

Regarding "regulation", first, to enforce an inhumane law makes the
entire industry, and country, inhumane. The so-called "Seal
Protection Act" forbids people from lovingly touching a seal, but
would protect those brutally clubbing and hooking it. The DFO did
not press charges against the McCartneys because it is afraid of
more bad publicity. There are some 4,000 sealers, so on average,
each sealer live-skins at least one seal, if not more than ten, per
season. How many sealers have been penalized for the unspeakable

Second, where there are regulations, there will always be regulation-
breakers, and therefore seals skinned alive. Even Bevan's "high
regulation" could not protect the unfortunate minimum of 7,000. The
only way to prevent this from happening is to ban the hunt, period.

Anthony Marr
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
4118 West 11th Ave.
Vancouvwer, BC, Canada V6R 2L6

March 13, 2006, Monday
Editorial Page (A8)
Vancouver Sun

DFO wants the facts known about the seal hunt

Re: "We should be sealing the fate of inhuman ritual", Barbara
Yaffe, March 7.

Columnist Barbara Yaffe refers to selective material developed by
some animal rights groups who oppose a legitimate, humane and
profitable seal hunt. An independednt study published in the 2002
Veterinary Medical Association Journal found that 98 percent of the
seals killed in their study died in an acceptably humane manner, in
keeping with standards found in domestic livestock processing. The
Atlantic seal hunt is one of the most highly regulated hunts in the
world. Where Marine Mammal Regulations are violated, the Department
of Fisheries and Oceans charges offenders and pursue convictions.

The Humane Society of the United States claims its year-long boycott
has hurt snow crab sales. In fact, exports of snow crab during 2005
increased. The value decreased because the industry was hit by a
strike, highlevels of white crab which had to be protected and
resulted in closed fisheries, a glut of product from other crab-
producing countries, and an unfavourable Canadian-to-US dollar rate.

We work to ensure the facts of the seal hunt are before the public.
Judging by by the overwhelming negative response by major daily
newspapers across the country to the McCartneys' photo-op on the
ice, that approach is a clear winner.

For the facts on the Atlantic Canada seal hunt, please visit www.dfo-

Assistant Deputy Minister
Fish and Aquaculture management
Ddepartment of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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