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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre
How Western Canada can defeat the Eastern Canada seal massacre

Imagine 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Western MPs speaking up in parliament against it.

What no one has tried before:

In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles B. Rangel said on National Public Radio that he once asked a congressman why, when 85% of his constituents were FOR gun control, he voted AGAINST it. The congressman said, "Because the 15% are organized."

This applies to the Canadian seal massacre perfectly. The vast majority of the 30 million Canadians, especially the Western Canadians, are opposed to the seal massacre, yet the few thousand hard core sealers are killing 270,000 baby seals with impunity and government support as we speak, continuing to hold all Canadians hostage.

Why? “Because the 15% are organized.”

The “85%” does not apply to Canada as a whole, because the majority of Eastern Canadians (particularly Newfoundlanders) support the hunt, which drags down the national average, but it does apply to British Columbians. All in all, it is safe to say that 75% of Western Canadians oppose the hunt, and their wish has been incessantly denied.

Why? Because the 85% are disorganized. So, it is time for the 85% to get organized.

Thus, the Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition.


WCASC does not recruit members through any sign-up process, nor does it charge a membership fee. It is membership by participation. Any group or individual participating in a WCASC campaign automatically becomes a member.

First WCASC Campaign:


To have as many Western Members of Parliament speak out against the Eastern Canada seal massacre, in parliament, as possible.

Obviously, one MP speaking out against it won’t make a difference. Two is better, but far from enough, not even ten, or twenty. In other words, it has to be a Western-Canada-wide concerted action.

This is a long standing resource that we have so far left undeveloped. It is a potential solution that must be tried, in case it can work, and we believe that it can.

Action items:

1. Petition

A petition signature is worth many votes to a politician.

A formal petition form will be broadly distributed and circulated throughout Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This petition will be directed to the House of Commons, but will be sorted by electoral districts. Specific targets for each electoral district will be about 10% of the voters within 6 months.

A centralized tally will be kept by WCASC and periodically updated in the WCASC website (currently under construction) and by email.

2. Letter writing - to Western MPs

Participating AR/AW groups in BC, AB, SK and MB will ask their own members to not only sign and circulate the petition, but to write letters to their local MPs. To a politician, an individually written letter is worth many petition signatures, each in turn being worth many votes.

3. Letter writing - to European countries

3a. To European governments - Participating AR/AW groups in BC, AB, SK and MB will ask their own members to ask those European countries not already banning Canadian seal products to please do so, and to thank those European countries that have already done so. An email-list database will be provided.

3b. To European AR-AW groups - The E.U. countries are by and large democracies, meaning that their governments answer to the will of their own citizens (at least in theory); participating AR/AW groups in BC, AB, SK and MB will ask the activists of each European country to write their own governments toward banning Canadian seal products, and to support a E.U.-wide ban. An email-list database will be provided.

And that’s it.

A note to Non-Western-Canadians, including Americans and Europeans: Please help and support!

Thank you all for your attention. The petition form and the email databases will be forthcoming within days.

We have never done this before, but together, we can do it. So let's do it.

Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition
Anthony Marr, founder, director
Barbara Sicotte, director
Bruce Foerster, director
Erika Caballos, director
Sinikka Crosland, director

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