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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Don't stoop to Criminal Hearn. Write to Europe (email list provided)

All opposed to the infamous Canadian seal massacre:

This is the third day of the annual Canadian blood fest. Already several thousand baby seals have been brutally snuffed, but still a long way to go for the medieval killers to claim all 275,000 innocent lives, not counting those pups who will drown in the shifting ice. Now is the time to ride the tide of sorrow sweeping the compassionate people around the world, for the seals.

Over the last 13 years, I have campaigned against the barbarism both directly at the Canadian government, as well as to intensify external pressure on Canada from beyond (US and EU). Of these, I've found the latter more effective than the former by far.

Now, I ask you to join me to write an email, just one, to all the nations in Europe to ask for their help to end the atrocity. It doesn't matter if a certain country is already on board; send it your wish anyway, so it will be further consolidated. I won't tell you what to say in your message; basically, just ask the European countries to ban importation of all Canadian seal products, and any other product they wish. As diverse the expression, the better.

All the destinations are European embassies in Ottawa, Canada, but even if you are American or European or Australian or New Zealander, write them anyway. It is their job to pass your message on to their own governments.

Write your heart out. Thank you.

Anthony Marr,
founder and president Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)


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