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CARE Tour - 1

Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions #1

Animal Rights Van Offers Graphic Videos

CARE Tour Refused Entry into U.S. - For Now

Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (Anthony Marr, Brenda Davis & Cory Davis)

Canada plans on further increasing the East Coast Seal Hunt - Summer 2003

Animal Awareness - Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

An exciting opportunity to host a speaker in your area

The Campus Freethought Alliance and the Council for Secular Humanism

Following are a few excerpts from reviews of the Marr's work:

Showing the "Raw Truth" About Factory Farming on the Streets of Hartford, CT

A little first hand experience with PMU horses - 27 Oct 2003

Thanks for the Explanation - 28 Oct 2003

"Hold the bacon," nutritionist says - 3 Nov 2003

Aquarium owner looking to bring in more wild life - 17 Feb 2004

Houston businessman wants to display three tigers at his Downtown Aquarium restaurant - 17 Feb 2004

Downtown Aquarium has new plan to win OK for tigers - 17 Feb 2004

Houston City Council transcript - 17 Feb 2004

A New Model of the Universe and Human Destiny - 20 Feb 2004

"Compassion for Animals Road Expedition" Comes to Colorado - 29 Feb 2004

Awesome Animal lib roadshow here tonight! - 7 Mar 2004

ACT Radio - 14 Mar 2004

Who CAREs? - 18 Mar 2004

American Vegan Society - 30 May 2004




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