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Stop Killing Deer
The Evil of Bow-Hunting

Fellow spokespeople for those who cannot speak for themselves:

Back in the fall of 2005, Laurie Crawford Stone of Iowa had a wonderful view out her back window, of the occasional visit of a magnificent White-Tailed buck - a deer yet of no name.  (Braveheart - 01)

On November 25, same year, she was devastated by the sight of an arrow imbedded in the upper chest of the deer.

Meanwhile, the deer disappeared, and Laurie presumed him dead. But in May, 2006, she saw him again. By then, he had shed his antlers, and the shaft of the arrow had broken off, but the wound was still plainly visible. And then, as if just stopping by to say, "I'm okay," the deer again disappeared.

In October 9, 2006, an emaciated created staggered back into her backyard. Laurie was shocked as well as amazed, and heard herself saying aloud, "You are still alive!" One month after that, the long suffering buck was finally out of his misery.  (Braveheart - 04)

Laurie named him Braveheart.

Braveheart has become, for me, and for those who have come to know his story, an icon in condemnation of the cruel entertainment called Bow Hunting.

Statistically, the killing/wounding ratio of bow-hunting is about 50/50, meaning that for every hundred deer killed by an arrow, another hundred stumble around in the woods for days, weeks, or even months.

Another statistic - For every deer killed by an arrow, about 15 arrows would have been shot.

Need I say more? What Braveheart said is the final word! Bow hunting must end! How many Bravehearts must die before this barbaric practice is banned once and for all?

This is by no means to say that hunting by firearm is acceptable in the least, but in the dark realm of unacceptability, bow hunting is the darkest of them all.

Anthony Marr, founder

ps - All photos by Laurie Crawford Stone.

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