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Stop Killing Deer
Bow-hunting in Moreland Hills, OH

To: Mayor De Gross
Moreland Hills, OH

Re: Bow Hunting in Moreland Hills, OH

Dear Mayor De Gross,

I'm writing first to thank you for your time on the phone with me this morning, and to express my appreciation for your credible sincerity in a few points that you made, including the "enormous amounts" of money spent, or rather, misspent, in Solon and Pepper Pike in sharpshooting and captive-bolting deer within their communities, as well as, between the lines, of your being more sympathetic in the cause of the Ohio activists "than you think".

I would just like to take this opportunity to summarize my own points, as follows, so that they be on record:

1. Mass killing deer is NOT the effective method to reduce deer-vehicle accident (DVA) rates. Statistics aplenty attest to the fact that even culling in excess of 50% of the deer population would not reduce the DVA rate by much more than 25%. Insurance company data from across the nation unequivocally pinpoint the day of the highest DVA rate in any given year to be the opening day of the deer hunting season in any given state, and show that the two deer-hunting months November and December account for over 50% of the DVAs anywhere in any given year. On the other hand, if fencing and/or effective Strieter lights were used, which is a one time expense with a life expectancy of up to 25 years with minimal annual maintenance (instead of sharpshooting and/or captive-bolting year after year at considerable cost), can reduce the DVA rate by over 90%.

2. Likewise, culling by whatever means cannot and will not significantly reduce the backyard-complaints, whereas fencing the garden or using effective deer repellents can and will.

3. Hunting being a cruel hobby unfit for a kinder and gentler century, bow hunting is the cruelest form of them all. Statistics also have it that the killing/wounding rate for bow-hunting is about 50/50, meaning that for every 100 deer killed by arrows, another hundred stagger around in the woods with arrows embedded in non-vital parts of their bodies for days, weeks or even months on end. One deer in Iowa, now named Braveheart, survived for 10 months with an arrow wound; by the time it finally succumbed, it was a walking skeleton. And after the wounded deer have finally succumbed, 200 deer would have died. Also, for every deer killed by arrows, some 15 arrows would have have fired, or misfired.

4. According to the Quality Deer Management Association's website (see maps on the page http://www.i-maps.com/Qdma/frame/default1024_ie.asp?C=48449&LinkID=0&NID=0&cmd=map&TL=100000&GL=010100&MF=11000),
Ohio has a very low deer population density, absolutely as well as relative to the surrounding states. Even if culling is justifiable as a means of deer population control, it is not called for anywhere in Ohio.

5. The safety factor: If, in the case of the Chagrin/Chagrin out-of-season bow-hunting, a frightened or wounded deer dashes across either Chagrin road, causing a DVA, and, God forbid, a fatal one, or if some innocent passerby gets shot by a stray arrow, who will bear the responsibility? On whose desk will the buck (no pun intended) stop? I'm afraid that by Truman's formula of "the buck stops here", in Moreland Hills, this desk would be the mayor's.

6. As in point #1, likewise for the Chagrin/Chagrin case, if the reason for the shooting privilege is deer damage to the garden, again, shooting deer is not the answer, because neighboring deer will move in to fill the void, and he will have to shoot again and again year round. The solution is to fence his property and/or use effective deer repellents.

I hope that the next piece of news in this regard will be that the special bow-hunting privilege granted to this party, for whatever reason, will be revoked, and further, that bow-hunting be forever banned in Moreland Hills.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony Marr, Founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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