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Stop Killing Deer
Braveheart - a Damning Indictment Against Bow-Hunting

Fellow activists

If you are currently disinterested in the deer-culling issue, or the bow-hunting issue, this may make you begin to wonder.

Two or three weeks ago I sent out a series of six photographs (by Iowa activist Laurie Crawford Stone) of an arrow-wounded deer whom she named Braveheart upon his death after ten months of agony. Since then, I have received quite a few requests for me to resend the pictures, which did not come through in most of the discussion group transmissions. I have since created a webpage in Braveheart's honor in the "Lethal Strategy" sub-section of the new Deer section in www.HOPE-CARE.org (near the bottom of the home page, temporary).

Here is the link to the page, titled "Braveheart - a Damning Indictment Against Bow-Hunting", which contains the six pictures, with exact dates of each picture added.

In the same "Lethal Strategy" sub-section are other articles, including two I will copy below, titled:  What You May Not Know about Bow Hunting and Bow Hunting Wounding Rates and Shots Per Kill

To target bow-hunting is not to excuse hunting by other means by any means, but it does sit on the apex of the hunting cruelty pyramid. These two articles will leave you no doubt of it.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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