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Articles and Letters

See: Non-Lethal Deer Management

Shame on California for planning bow-hunting of deer by children in Placer County - 23 Jun 2009

DAA - Deer Auto-Assembler the perfect non-violent and non-lethal urban deer management tool - 15 Feb 2009

Proof positive of failure of deer culling program at Pepper Pike OH - 07 Jan 2008

Scientist Backs Birth Control for Deer - 30 Sep 2007

"Bowhunters take aim at Trexler Preserve" - Allentown Morning Call, PA - 30 Sep 2007

Human Fatality in DVA is Murder One - 29 Aug 2007

Anti-deer-hunting/culling article to be in Animals Voice magazine - 4 Aug 2007

Anthony Marr challenges hunters-cullers to televised debates on Deer Tour - 16 Jul 2007

US Wildlife Alliance / National Deer Alliance - invitation to join - 30 Jun 2007

Deer Campaign TV Documentary + National Deer Alliance - 25 Jun 2007

The Oscillating DAC - exciting development in Anti-Culling - 13 Jun 2007

Another city bites the dust. Yours next? Do something! - 1 Jun 2007

Non-Violent Human-Deer Co-Existence Solutions, the DAC and CARE-5 tour - 14 May 2007

Unveiling the amazing Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC)in Anthony Marr's CARE-5 Tour - 8 May 2007

Braveheart - a Damning Indictment Against Bow-Hunting - 10 Mar 2007

Legal year-round out-of-season urban-deer bow-hunting - 9 Mar 2007

Bow-hunting in Moreland Hills, OH - 2 Mar 2007

Lethal-vs-Nonlethal means of Deer-Vehicle-Accident reduction - 27 Feb 2007

The Evil of Bow-Hunting - 19 Feb 2007


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