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Recommendation from Sinikka Crosland President of the Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS), Kelowna, BC, Canada  


Anthony Marr, world-renowned environmentalist and wildlife advocate, was invited to speak at a dinner event in Kelowna, B.C., on February 5th, 2005. He kept his audience spell-bound with slides, videos, and a talk on dolphin preservation efforts in Japan, as well as commentary and images of the Canadian commercial seal hunt. Some of the listeners were children and youth, who were visibly moved by the presentation. As the donation jar was being passed around, one 12-year-old boy was heard to say, "Please, Mom...give some money to help those dolphins and seals!" Accordingly, and with enthusiasm, Mom complied. This family, while very kindly and supportive of good animal welfare standards in the past, had not been inclined to actively and openly support animal rights campaigns. Clearly, the words and images presented by Anthony Marr effectively made all the difference.


Recommendation from Brenda Davis Best-selling author of five books and animal advocate, Kelowna, BC.  


Saturday, Feb. 5, 2005, I had the pleasure of being among the first to hear Anthony Marr's new presentation regarding dolphin slaughter in Japan. While it was difficult to watch in several places, Anthony did a brilliant job of getting the audience to understand the sensibilities of dolphins and whales, and why their slaughter must stop. He walked us through his own journey to Japan in a way that made us feel as though we were there with him - the pictures were tremendous. It became quite obvious that no matter how deeply entrenched these cultural practices have become, they are completely unjustified. Anthony is a committed, tireless activist, and I highly recommend that this presentation be seen by as many people as possible.  

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