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In Defense of Animals

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Anthony Marr:

Turn Compassion into Action
Saturday, December 18, 4 - 6pm
Old Wives Tales Restaurant

A talk for budding and veteran activists alike.  In this lecture, Anthony
shares his experience gained from his successes and failures in a decade of dedicated and relentless activism (see www.HOPE-CARE.org).  He'll talk about how to become a 24/7-full-time activist, use direct, indirect, overt and covert actions, conquer fears, take calculated risks, lead project teams, launch expeditions, conduct speaking tours, handle confrontations, endure ridicule, engage media, captivate children, forge coalitions, act abroad, and raise action.  All in all, the lecture will cover the dos and don'ts of effective campaigning.

Anthony Marr is a world-known wildlife preservationist, a vegan animal rights activist, a dynamic campaigner and inspirational public speaker, and a highly respected scientific philosopher and author. He has dedicated his life to action on behalf of animals and this planet, and to further civilizing our species, and has been extraordinarily successful in these regards.


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