Saving Wildlife from Mass Extinction due to Global Warming

Introduction and Background

Global warming


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"What is global warming?"
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Book cover:  "The Economics of Climate Change - The Stern Review" - by Nicholas Stern



One of the leaks from the global climate Pandora's box.
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One of the leaks from the global climate Pandora's box.
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The Greenhouse Effect
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The Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs)
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Where there is smoke...
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...there is heat.
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Some factors contributing to climate change.
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"What causes sea level changes?"
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Surface reflectivity.
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"The present carbon cycle."
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The water cycle - NASA
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"How the Dead Zone Forms"
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"Climate Change Attribution"
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"The Components of Global Environmental Change"
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Global warming could cause local climate cooling.
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Atmospheric solar radiation processing.
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Departures in temperature (C) from the 1961-1990 average - 1860-2000
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Global warming - 1880-2005
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Departures in temperature (C) from the 1960-1990 average - 1000-2000
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Man-made and natural disasters and catastrophes
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Levels of scientific understanding on radiative forcing.
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Components of radiative forcings
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"Earth's Clock of Life"
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Sea level rise.
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"Trade and International Policy"
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"Sunspot Cycles: Past and Future" - a possible and limited contributor to climate change.
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"Evidence of Global Warming - 1930-2005"
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"Catastrophes in 2005 by Region"
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