Saving Wildlife from Mass Extinction due to Global Warming

Temperate Regions Under Global Warming

Temperate Regions


Global Warming

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80% of ancient forest already destroyed.


Dryland Systems of the World.







Worldwide Soil Degradation


Biome map of conifer forests.


Biome map of deserts.







Biome map of Mediterranean climate.







Biome map of temperate forests.








Biome map of temperate grassland.








Biome map of tropical forests.


Biome map of top savannah.


Global fires 2007-09.






Natural Climate Variability.








North America





U.S. SW drought.






Hoover Dam, Arizona.


Colorado River.


Colorado River.





Drying reservoir.










Dieback of tree top due to drought.









2007 - U.S. SE - Atlanta, Georgia - reservoir with 3 months' of water left.




Every acre of forest burnt releases a similar amount of GHGs as two cars driven for a year.


Tinder dry conditions allow for explosive wildfires.



Chattahoochee reservoir, Georgia.




Chattahoochee reservoir, Georgia.


2007- California "moonlight fire".



2007-05 - Florida fire.







Alaska - wood beetles invasion.


Crop failure.


Palmer Drought Severity Index - percentage of time in severe and extreme drought.






Peak Drought Monitor Classification - Oct. 2005 - Sep. 2006







U.S. Drought Monitor - Mar. 2006.







U.S. Drought Monitor - Aug. 2006.







U.S. Drought Monitor - Oct. 2006.


U.S. Drought Monitor - May 2007.


U.S. Drought Monitor - Aug. 2007.





Standard Precipitation Index - Oct. 2006 - Sep. 2007


Mean temperature anomaly - 90-day mean ending Feb. 2006


Mean temperature anomaly - 30-day mean ending Jan. 2007




2006 - National Drought Mitigation Center: "More than 60% of U.S. in Drought."


Percent of Long Term Precipitation, 6-month Oct. 2002 - Sep. 2007.



U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook - Jul. 2007





U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook - Feb. 2008





Percentage Area of the U.S. in Sever and Extreme drought - 1895-2005.






U.S. tornadoes - 1953-2000








Palmer Drought Severity Index - historical and future.


Drought in the Americas.


The Georgia drought.








Northward shift of grain belt.






Alberta mean temperatures 1938-1995 vs 1960-1995







California warming 1950-2005





2007-10 fire in S. California - 1 million people evacuated, 1,600 homes lost.


Canada - Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - present and projected future climate.


Canada - Percent of Average Precipitation in Agricultural Areas.






Canada - British Columbia - pine beetle invasion - 78% of BC pine forests infected!





Rest of the World



Greece - dead flamingo on dry lakebed.

2004-07 - Portugal - Sao Bernabe - forest fire.






Australia - drought in Northern Territory.


2004-07 - Portugal - forest fire.


2005-07 - drought in Portugal







Australia climate map.


Australia 5-year drought


Australian wild fire.






2005 - Australia's worsening drought.






Australian drought


Italian drought.






Chinese drought.


China Drought and Flood Monitor - 2006-10.

China, Qinghai province - according to Chinese scientists the place that warmed up the most in the world.






Elsewhere in the world, intensifying hurricanes bring devastation and floods to affected areas.


Percent Category 4 & 5 Hurricanes - 1975-1998


Hurricane Energy Increases with Sea Temperature.





Florida - N. Captive Island damaged by Hurricane Charley











2004-09 Bangladesh, India.


2007-09 - India - flood in Bramaputra Amo.









India - Food-line in Mumbai during flood.


2004-07 - India - flood in Assam.


2004-08 - No. Korea - aftermath of flood.






The power of hurricane.


Water water everywhere - that you can't drink.


Africa's current aridity, but it might change.



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