Heal Our Planet Earth
Heal Our Planet Earth





Witness the first of Earth's

Six Critical Symptoms

after an eternity of darkness

on her night side, now, there is light.


The other five, all observable from space -

deforestation, nuclear detonation, pollution,

radio emission, spacecraft emergence -

have recently simultaneously arisen.


What they're symptomatic of are the

Six Planetary Diseases

which could terminate

Life on Earth:


1. P Fever*

2. P AIDS*

3. P Cancer*

4. P Wasting Disease*

5. P Internal Poisoning*

6. P Suicidal Tendencies*


Earth is destined for greatness

Integrative Transcendence

first within itself, then beyond.

But first, it must be healed.


*P = Planetary; 1 = global warming; 2. damage to ozone shield; 3.human and cattle population  explosions; 4. loss of biomass and biodiversity; 5. toxic pollution; 6. probability of global nuclear holocaust.


HOPE founder

 Anthony Marr

 and past friend

 Charger of





Dear Mother Earth and

all your amazing creatures,

I will watch over thee.





heal our planet Earth.

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