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AFTER THE FALL: GENESIS 3:21: Does Genesis 3:21 really portray God as the world's first murderer?

ALBERT SCHWEITZER: His Christianity embraced and served all God's creatures.

ANIMAL AND HUMAN COMPANIONS. The book of Genesis tells us that animals were expressly created by God as companions for human beings.

ANIMAL RIGHTS: Contemporary Concern or Ongoing Issue?...From the keynote address given at the 7th annual EarthCare Conference.

ANIMAL SACRIFICE: Both Jews and Christians support the restoration of Temple sacrifices in Jerusalem

ANIMAL SACRIFICE IN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES...Animal sacrifices are currently taking place and there are no plans to stop them.

ANIMALS, THE KORAN, AND THE BIBLE A Politically Incorrect Assessment

AQUINAS, ANIMAL RIGHTS & CHRISTIANITY: The spiritual ignorance and prejudice of long-dead men continues to make life a hell-on-earth for animals.

CHRISTIANS AND RECREATIONAL KILLING: The new man: When killing animals is represented as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

DOMINION: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals and the Call to Mercy ...An overview of the book that has broken through media barriers to reach the general public.

EASTERTIME AND THE LAMBS OF GOD. Warning: this article may be offensive to carniverous Christians

ECOLOGY AND CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS: The Christian concern for environmental causes is not animal-friendly.

God and Chick-fil-A Claiming that it is God who has made you prosperous, doesn't make it so.

GOD'S COVENANT WITH ALL CREATURES. Both Ministers and scholars ignore God's covenantal relationship with animals.

GOD'S COVENANT WITH ANIMALS: excerpts from the newly published book written by the editor of Humane Religion publications.

His Eye Is On The Sparrow....Not a sparrow falls to earth without God's knowledge and concern.

HOMO SAPIENS: Was Adam created to be master of creation or was he a caretaker/gardener?

Is Vegetarianism a Virtue? Is Carnivorism A Vice?...Can the eating of flesh become an anomaly  in our Western culture?

JESUS - ESSENES - DEAD SEA SCROLLS: The Dead Sea Scrolls give information about the kind of world in which Jesus lived.

JESUS, OVID, AND VEGETARIANISM: Was the Christ less compassionate than the Pagan?

JESUS, THE MONEYCHANGERS and ANIMAL SACRIFICE. The moneychangers were not the target of Christ's outrage.

JEWS, CHRISTIANS, AND HUNTING. When it comes to the matter of hunting, there is a wide divergence between Jewish and Christian tradition.

KILLING IN JONESBORO: An editorial by J. R. Hyland - From the May/June 1998 issus of Humane Religion

LIFE ATER DEATH: Animals And Humans, together in heavenly places

ON KILLING CARROTS: In a sermon heard 'round the world, a Christian minister equates eating plants with eating animals.

RELIGION: FRIEND OR FOE OF ANIMAL Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D, author of "Judaism and Vegetarianism."

SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT: The relationship between the sacrifice of animals at the Jerusalem Temple, and the crucifixion of Jesus.

SPIRITUAL PIONEERS: Animal Activists as Spiritual Pioneers. An Editorial by J.R. Hyland.

THE BIBLICAL BASIS OF VEGETARIANISM. Carnivorism represents just as much of a fall from Grace as does any other sin.

THE CARNIVOROUS SHEPHERDS: The Prophets Zechariah and Ezekiel condemned those who ate the flesh of sheep.

The Christmas Story: Glad Tidings for All Creatures

THE COMPASSIONATE PAGAN: Spiritual understanding takes root wherever it finds fertile ground.

THE HOLOCAUST CONTROVERSY: How and why the fate of animals and the fate of humans were linked together

THE IMMORALITY OF WEARING FUR...Buying, selling or wearing fur manages to violate three of the ten commandments.

THE LION WHO LAY DOWN WITH THE LAMB. The True Story Of A Vegetarian Lion.


THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED: One Man's Journey To A Compassionate Lifestyle.

BOOK BONUS: Read the first chapter of THEY SHALL NOT HURT OR DESTROY: Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in the Western Religious tradition. Written by Vasu Murti, this book has been endorsed by ministers, rabbis and representatives of animal rights organizations like PETA and THE FUND FOR ANIMALS.

WHY METHUSELAH LIVED SO LONG. The Bible posits a relationship between longevity and vegetarianism.*