Animal Sacrifice
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Animal Sacrifice
Comments by Yeshayahu Hollander - 27 Jan 2010

Good Morning,

I have read now about Ms. Hyland.

I appreciate your concern for animals.

I am at least equally concerned with humans.

How can one NOT consider the sentence "But neither do they have any compunction about a massive slaughter of human beings.", referring to Jews and Christians, as NOT being incitement?

I suggest deleting that sentence, and clarifying that Jews do not have any part in the awful beliefs of the book of "Revelation", perhaps by starting the paragraph following the one quoted with the preamble: "There are some Christians..." As is, the publication is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic.

You may consider the history of the mid-twentieth century, when the German government was a great protector of animals and anti-Christian and committed genocide of Jews. I am sure you do not wish your publications to be considered a 21st century continuation of the Nazis' propaganda machine.

Think it over.


Yeshayahu Hollander

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