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Letter from Linda Campbell - 23 Sep 2008

I too am an animal lover.

I recently lost my pet bird Olly after 25 years. I am a devout Catholic but my one deviation from the church is their view on animals. It is very biased and if anyone has ever loved a pet or bird or creature it is impossible to believe that creature has no soul.

I have been so upset about Olly's passing because of what the Catholic church teaches. I have silently argued with myself that animals were always part of the scripture: they were in the garden of Eden, on the Arc and in the manger when Christ was born. They must be in Heaven. However, Olly's death has caused me to doubt and be angry with God's whole plan. How can there be heaven without these precious, innocent creatures who have no sin?!!

I love your website. I feel now like Olly is in Heaven and I will see him again.

Thank you for the hope.

Linda Campbell

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Linda:

We're sorry to hear about Olly's passing, and know the pain and emptiness you feel, as we've been there many times ourselves.

We also hear from a lot of people who say the same things about the church. The simplest way to put it, is that you are correct and the church is wrong. The Bible clearly teaches us, in the original language, that God created all humans and other animals as living souls, and that there are animals in heaven. We have been working for many years to try to correct this problem. Be assured that Olly is with the Lord.

We have been starting grass-roots ministries all around the world to provide comfort to people like you and to work on these issues. If you are interested, please let us know.

If you have a few photos of Olly and would like to write a memorial story about your life together, we'd be happy to publish it on our web site.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,
Frank and Mary Hoffman
If we REALLY want God to bless America and the earth, GO VEGAN!

Response From Linda

Thank you so much for your quick and ever-so comforting response.

I read it this morning and feel so elevated; I thank you for assuring me Olly is with the Lord. He was such a strong little character, how could he simply not be anymore?

I applaud what you do and the comfort you bring to those of us who love our animals, in many cases, more than other humans.

I have been looking at your website and will continue to do so; you have so much that is interesting and rings true to my heart. I agree, the church, although a wonderous institution, does need to open and grow in these areas! Thanks for pointing me in the direction I need to be in order to get through this difficult time.

I will work on a story about Olly; it may be a good outlet for my grief and a legacy to him.

Thanks once again and I will be in touch with my story and will continue to visit your website for your information.

With gratitude and prayers,
Peace in the Lord
Linda & Olly

Response From Frank and Mary

Dear Linda:

You're very welcome, and thank you for your encouragement, for it's all part of our ministry to the glory of God.

We look forward to receiving your story about Olly

In the Love of the Lord,
Frank and Mary Hoffman
If we REALLY want God to bless America and the earth, GO VEGAN!

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