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Letter from James - 2 Nov 2008

Yes Mary, Your article Cheap Grace is most timely for the UK as well as the USA; and don't Doreen and I know it! We are being confronted by smug and spiritually quite arrogant folk amongst evangelicalism who happily shout out Hallelujah as they crack open their battery eggs and tuck in to their factory farmed chicken. Yes, and drink milk without a qualm of conscience. Indeed , they look upon couples such as Doreen and myself as quite peculiar because of our request for cruelty free food at church social functions. "Why get side tracked by concern for animals brother? Don't make room for the devil to sidetrack you. Preach Jesus instead!"

Yes, but their gospel is little more than accosting folk with an ABC of 'so called' salvation followed by a declaration form to sign and clinch the deal for their 'mate' Jesus!. Indeed, this can occasionally be a way of bringing about a conversion, and when it is: to become a new born babe in Christ is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. Thank God for spiritual babes! But if they do not grow in to mature and disciplined Christians with a true sense of moral priorities, then they become spiritual cretins: a sight and condition to be greatly pitied. My youngest child was a normal and happy babe and toddler: a joy to behold. But due to lack of oxygen he has only the mind of a 4 year old at 38 years of age. He was a joy to behold as a toddler, but today I could weep buckets over his condition. Well, I sense that Jesus could weep buckets over the Cretins of Christianity that today's churches are churning out through services that are little better than a substitute for being high on drugs and alcohol. There can be no true expression of Christianity without a cross voluntarily taken up and carried daily.

Today's evangelicalism is producing far too many 'empty vessels that make the most sound'. They are mindful of Paul's words: "Though I have Faith to remove mountains, but have not love, then I am nothing but a noisy gong and a clanging cymbal" - Yes, and a spiritual windbag, or a noisy drum containing nothing but stale air.

Sorry Mary! You've got me off preaching to the converted here! Every blessing - and thanks a million - that through You and Frank, dear and lovely Regina's Site is no longer to fall in to misuse but be revived to her glory


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear James:

Thank you very much for your encouragement, and for sharing your own experiences and confirmation about these 'so-called Christians". We are very concerned that they will be the ones who will shout out Lord! Lord!, but He will respond that He never knew them.

So James, preach on!!!

In the Love of the Lord,
Frank and Mary Hoffman

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