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Letter from Clive A Lawton about Sexism is a Sin - 14 Jun 2010

What a shame that in your article on sexism in the Medieval Church you find it necessary to knock Judaism and the attitudes of the rabbis - about which I'd say the writer knows very little. For example, s/he comments that the greatest disaster for a woman in the 'old Testament' is to be barren, but in every case the disaster was seen as one that she experienced existentially and usually her husband asserted that this did not in any way diminish her - the exact opposite of what's being asserted. Luther's well documented antisemitic attitudes makes him a poor guide to what makes sense about Jewish teachings.

Look at the extended paean to woman in Proverbs, traditionally chosen as the laudatory hymn sung to women every week by her family. Hardly a mere baby receptacle.

If you want to make polemical points about Christianity, go ahead, but don't drag Judaism into it, 'cos if sexism is a sin, so's misrepresentation!


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