An Arab Man Living in the USA


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An Arab Man Living in the USA

An Arab man living in his house in USA has a piece of land so he intended to plant potatoes, he started to dig the land and found out it was to hard to go thru (maybe his age?) Anyway, he wrote an e-mail to his son asking for help cause he couldn’t dig it himself.

His son wrote back to him telling him, “Please father, don’t dig, I have something under there, please don’t touch it, don’t touch anything, I will deal with it”.

So, next day the FBI, the CIA, National Security etc. went over there and dig a lot of holes here and there.

They didn’t find anything, so they left.

The next day, the son of this man wrote an e-mail again.

“Hey Papa, I hope by now you have enough holes made in the land, so you can plant your potatoes. ”