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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy.

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Feature for Thursday, February 22
They shoot prairie dogs, don't they?
Prairie Dog
Biden appointee Interior Secretary of Haaland [by the way, Native American] presents sport hunting on public lands as a continuation of indigenous subsistence hunting. She told Outside Magazine: 'We've been hunting on public lands for centuries. My dad and grandparents and brother, they all hunt. I myself was fortunate to harvest an oryx from the White Sands Missile Range, which fed my family for about a year. I respect the sportsmen and the anglers.'
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Feature for Wednesday, February 21 February 21 Newsletter
mutilated beak
Animal testing facility closed, turned into a sanctuary! — mutilating Animals for Human preference, Pigeons bred to have tiny useless beaks — the passing of Nonhuman Rights Project’s Steven Wise — Twins nutrition study results — another Horse racetrack closed — school program for Children about Wolves — Bird of Peace [book] — veterinarians’ responses to domestic and Animal violence — similarities of clans, cultures, dialects between Sperm Whales and Humans — Grizzly Bears need more compassionate Humans — and more…
Image from Oriental Frill Pigeons: Deforming their bodies also deforms their lives Weekly Newsletters

Feature for Tuesday, February 20
The 'Wolves in School' Program
wolf and cubs
Designed to teach children about the importance of protecting wolves to maintain a balanced ecosystem, the Species Unite humane wolf education program is a crucial step in building a new generation of animal activists. Our goal is to expand this initiative to every state in the US, reaching hundreds of schools and over 100,000 students.
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Feature for Monday, February 19
"That was the worst thing I have ever seen."
horseracing kills
"I am done supporting a sport that just says, ‘well, this is just the cost we pay to play.’ I have worked in vet clinics and been around animals my whole life, and that was the worst thing I have ever seen. This happened in front of dozens of people – including children – and yet I find no news of it. What a terribly dark sport."
Stop Horseracing

Feature for Sunday, February 18
Animal Exploitation Needs Repentance
Lamb Krishna
Animal exploitation needs repentance, because without true repentance we, as a society, will never really be able to end animal exploitation and killing, and as a result we cannot have peace on earth as it is in heaven. The whole theme of the Lenten Season is for believers to repent and seek the heavenly will of God here on earth so that there is no longer any human-caused pain or suffering or death inflicted upon any other human being or upon any animals, because when there is suffering and death, which does not exist in heaven, there can be no peace on earth.
[Pictured is Krishna from Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]
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Feature for Saturday, February 17
Peruano Bean Soup
vegan peruano
Peruano Bean Soup is a delicious and creamy vegan recipe that we make in our pressure cooker. This recipe makes about 8 single servings and takes about 15 minutes to prepare and 2-3 hours to cook and develop a creamy consistency.
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Feature for Friday, February 16
Sperm Whales Have Culture Too: Strong Evidence That Clans, Culture, and Dialects Are Not Unique to Humans
Sperm Whales
Parallels between sperm whale clans and human societies can help us as we think about, and try to study, both sperm whales and humans. The extraordinary picture of human social evolution that archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians have built up over more than a century of study can indicate not only the patterns we might find in sperm whale clans but also how variable those patterns might be.
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