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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!

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Property – what it means to be ‘owned’...
'You see, we don’t treat animals badly because they’re property. We classify animals as property so that we can treat them badly'...
Animal Rights Articles

mice vaping experiments
All-Creatures Newsletter, February 27, 2020...
Bulls are also sexually molested in standard dairy industry practices… how profitable is the murdering of male baby Chicks… USDA restores previously hidden animal welfare database… Student creates humane alternative to Frog dissections… Covid19’s connection to eating animals… Vivisectors find more ways to torment mice: vaping experiments… Late Lullaby for sad slaughtered Pigs… Sky is falling: how religion can empower ethical choices… and more. Weekly Newsletters
[Image from University ‘animal lovers’ tormenting mice with vaping fumes]

wild Horses
The Enduring Battle Over America’s Wild Horses...
It appears that BLM cares more about pacifying the livestock industry than it does about protecting wild horses, despite its statutory directive. And BLM continues to manage America’s wild horses in an unsustainable, inhumane way.
The Meat and Dairy Industries

electro ejaculation
Dairy Industry - Standard Breeding Procedures...
In the dairy and beef industries, both males and females are sexually assaulted by methods referred to as standard industry practices to force pregnancies to produce more 'products.'
The Meat and Dairy Industries

Lamb of God
Transforming into Children of God...
Transforming into children of God is something that we believe should happen when we are born again, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to happen with the vast majority of Christians, for they still live in the corrupt ways of this world with all its violence, pain, suffering, and death. And there is more...
An Bible Sermon
[Photo of Krishna, rescued lamb, courtesy of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]

Pasta Fazool Pinto Beans Brown Rice Elbows Veggies
Pasta Fazool Pinto Beans Brown Rice Elbows Veggies...
Pasta fazool pinto bean brown rice elbows veggies is a delicious vegan recipe that takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cooks in a large pot on the stovetop in about one and a half hours. Leftovers can be stored in the large covered pot in the refrigerator for several days without loss of flavor, and saves us from cooking a main meal every day.

traveling circus
Indonesia Has Officially Banned 'Traveling' Dolphin Circus Shows...
After the shows are over, the innocent dolphins are locked in what animal welfare group Dolphin Project describes as “coffin-like boxes” for days and transported in trucks from event to event throughout the country.... However, harmful dolphin performances remain legal at “conservation institutions,” including zoos and safari and animal parks.
Animal Rights Articles

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