I知 not just a vegan, I知 supposed to be an animal rights activist
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FROM Andy Faulkner
Facebook posting, September 16, 2021

Vegans need to stop telling vegans they must torture animals to death... Written for the vivisection victims. Not forgotten. We will include you too as we fight for you forever. We are so sorry for what we did.

vivisected Monkey
Vivisected Monkey...

Vegans telling vegans to jab must stop right now!

Vegans need to stop telling vegans they must torture animals to death, animals who have been tested on for the purpose of healing humans who do not know how to obtain natural immunity, humans who do not know how to eat, humans who have underlying health issues from the day they were born & immediately put on the Death Diet.

The onus is not on vegans in control of their natural immunity to risk injuring & killing themselves with injections (yes, the Australian government figures state their jabs have killed 490 people & severely injured 60,000) just to appease & please animal abusers who are so clueless about their own bodies they believe they should eat like a lion or baby cow. The onus is not on these vegans to participate in animal torture & murder for the unhealthy animal abusing masses. Many vegans have taken the time to do their own research for the tortured animals in vivisection for covid vac*ines.

These vegans set a new standard for 銑eaving Animals TF Alone. And until we learn to leave animals TF alone, we will always be advocating for animal usage, animal torture & be walking around as massive hypocrites, unable as vegans to even leave animals alone ourselves, as we obsess with believing Animal Abusing politicians on a TV set telling us we must contribute to torturing monkeys to death for Vac*ine testing. In fact, the animals don稚 even get a mention, not even in worldwide vegan Facebook circles. Not a mention. In fact, if a vegan says they won稚 be jabbing because it痴 animal abuse, they are dog piled on by fellow vegans & often removed from the group altogether.

Even in our own vegan Facebook circles the animals are just a pile of discarded shit for us to use & exploit. When the topic of vac*ines is discussed, it痴 scary how much vegan Facebook groups resemble proud Animal Abuser Facebook groups. In both groups the animals come a distant last. All jailed, tortured & murdered. Now dead & not even considered. Hell, we have a 宋egan society announcing vac*ines as a 宋egan thing to participate in. 賎o on vegans, go & torture the living suitcase out of monkeys.

And if you can take a picture of yourself having a jab, (i.e. proudly torturing an animal to death) & post that to Facebook, that壇 be just fantastic. Promote what you did to vegans & people all over the world so we can continue to use & exploit animals forever. That comes from a 膳egan Society. There is always a Wolf in Sheep痴 clothing within a movement. They very easily enter a group such as a 膳egan Society & bring their speciesism with them. I feel for those at the 宋egan society who are drowned out by these bully wolves. (I love actual wolves by the way). Once the Wolf makes a statement that 膳ac*ines are vegan suddenly the individual(s) become a large promoter of animal torture.

And then another wolf at Plant Based News (<- at least their name is appropriate, instead of calling themselves 薦thical Vegan News) promotes the Vegan Society痴 quote. Suddenly vegans everywhere are elated. 践ow great is this, I get to take a jab & torture monkeys to death, all guilt-free now.

It痴 called self-absorbed human supremacy & it is rife. How many animal victims for these current vac*ines? I can稚 be sure. I致e researched anywhere between 100 & tens of thousands of animals. 1 is too many. In American labs, 35,000 monkeys were prisoners & tested on for c*vid vac*ines alone (links in comment section). As a vegan for 7 years, I also justified vac*ines in my own mind as 双h it痴 just unavoidable at this point in time in this current non vegan world. I知 off the hook. I知 not responsible. It can稚 be helped. I have other vegan allies with the same attitude on Facebook, so I知 in the clear with no blood on my hands. I was wrong. So, if I don稚 change & stand up for the animals, then who?

I知 not just a vegan, I知 supposed to be an animal rights activist. Who do these tortured animals have in their corner if even vegans & animal rights activists are fine with monkeys being stolen from families, jailed, tortured & murdered? I owed it to the animals to research it from more reputable sources. If you are able to admit you got it wrong too, there will be bundles of research in the comments section. The very last thing we need to be doing right now is mocking vegans who promote 銑eave Animals TF Alone with consistency, vegans who know how to put the purest vitamins & minerals in their bodies via food, sunshine, fresh air, fitness & well-being. These vegans are magnificent humans, as they raise the bar of what Veganism must be for the animal victims, who are begging to be left TF alone in this sick world of abuse at the hands of indoctrinated humans. Despite being mocked by the indoctrinated majority, these vegans are on social media pleading people to live with the same independent health & independent minds, so animals can be left TF alone.

These vegans are outreaching fellow vegans & being laughed at, mocked & thrown into a 祖onspiracy theory basket because they leave animals TF alone & take the only other option available to them, which is 船o their own Research. This phrase 船o your own research is laughed at & mocked by fellow vegans. Is it a case of projecting insecurities & guilt because they know they should not be torturing monkeys to death? Or is it a case of social media addiction whereby they get to virtue signal & point the blame at others so they accept no responsibility for their own vile actions? What sort of a mindset is this? Playing the 宋ictim card certainly doesn稚 help the animals they are choosing to torture because of personal inadequacies.

If a vegan carries these inadequacies & feels they must torture monkeys for experiments, at least leave the decent vegans alone & let them not participate in the abuse you wish to partake in. Instead, these vegans are mocked because they actually have the intelligence to do their own research & use the World Wide Web at their fingertips, in order to cease medieval animal usage & exploitation. Mocked because they aren稚 blindly trusting industries that profit billions of dollars off of making humans sick & keeping humans sick. Non-jabbing Vegans mocked because they use the only alternate option available to them, their 双wn research. Non-jabbing vegans mocked because they don稚 trust a few puppets wearing a suit on a tv screen on a $400k wage. Non-jabbing vegans mocked because they can see through the media for what it is; a crime syndicate with one goal in mind - run a drama series so big that every set of eyes is hanging on their every word & watching all their paid sponsors, i.e., their KFC mates so their addicted viewers can get even sicker.

It doesn稚 get any more evil. There is no ethics to be seen anywhere. Non-jabbing vegans mocked by 砺egans because they are speaking up for tortured animals. Non-jabbing vegans laughed at because they build their own strong natural immunity & found out that jailing & murdering sentient animals for this reason & any reason is pure evil.

I thank the ones who outreached me. The ones who copped a tsunami of abuse for a full year before they were so mocked on the daily that they became drained of energy & finally were silenced by the mob.

I was brainwashed up until 2 months ago. I owed it to the animal victims to swallow my pride & 租o my own research for the animals because there was no other option for them locked in their prison cells. What I found out was violations of human & animal rights all over the shop. Injuries & deaths from jabs outnumbering covid ones. Sick violations by humans in suits & white coats. Now I can finally leave animals TF alone & live consistently with my ethics. That is the very least the animals deserve from me.

Written for the vivisection victims. Not forgotten. We will include you too as we fight for you forever. We are so sorry for what we did.

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