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From Joshua Martin Concerning Christian Perfection and Eating Animals - 7 Mar 2005

Re: Christian Perfection - Chapter 5

Not saying that you are wrong, but how do [you] explain Jesus offering fish to the people; they had to kill the fish.

Jesus also kept the feast of the law which means he had to participate in the eating of lambs that had to be killed and he lived perfectly.

I could be wrong on this point, though Jesus may not have eaten any of the meat of the feast, but I know He did offer fish to the children and know He told the disciples where to fish, and I know God gave the children of Israel fouls to eat while in the wilderness, and commanded them on how to eat meat, and God can not be tempted with evil and neither does He tempt anyone with evil, so He wouldn't do or give the order to do something that He found as evil.

Will you write back and tell me your comments on these, cause I do want to walk in completeness with Christ. I also believe that it is possible to live without eating any natural food though that we could live off of just the Spirit and that the Spirit would sustain health in us. But as it is written, if eating meat is a stumbling block to my brethern I would rather not eat meat not that eating meat is wrong but being a stumbling block unto my brother is wrong so if my brethren are offended by my eating meat I wont eat it.

And as far as the perfected scriptures Isaiah 11:6-9, what if all that just has to do with the spiritual and not the natural or what if the body of Christ is going to come to a point where they just don't eat or drink naturally, but only feed there Spirit and the only food they eat is the Word and the only drink they drink is the Spirit, and they rely completely on God to nourish the body and to keep it in working order.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Joshua:

Thank you for your comments and questions.

The fish that Jesus multiplied, and fed to the people, were given to Him. They were already dead and preserved with either salt or by smoking. He did not cause their death or the death of any other fish.

There were many vegetarians living in Israel at that time, and according to some early writers, James the brother of Jesus was one of them. Since there is no mention of the killing of any animals during Jesus' life time on earth, and the fact that the vegetarian Jews did not eat flesh during the holidays, it is very likely that He didn't either.

In the wilderness the people grumbled and God reluctantly sent them quail, but we need to remember that many of these people also dies with the flesh in their mouths.

While God can perform miracles, He also gave us plant foods to eat and enjoy, and to keep us healthy.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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