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Letter From Leslie Rodes -Mourning the Death of Her Beloved "Tiger" - 16 Jul 2005

Dear Frank and Mary,

I stumbled upon your website tonight and I want to thank you for your online Bible study. I have searched in desperation for help and information on God's relationship with His animals.

On Wed., July 6, I lost my very dear friend very suddenly to liver failure and auto-immune hemolytic anemia. I am grieving deeply. He was my friend, my baby, but he was "just a cat, a thing," my husband tells me.

People in our church--even our pastor's wife- say our pets do not go to heaven, that they die and go into the ground and are no more. I am heartbroken. I had a very deep connection with Tiger--I adopted him and bottle-fed him as an orphan, and we bonded with one another the very first day he came into our home. That bond grew in the nearly 6 years I was privileged to know him and care for him. I hope you will pray for me.

I have prayed almost constantly since Tiger left, but I cannot seem to let go. I just want to know Tiger is all right, that he isn't meaningless, his life wasn't meaningless, that he is in the presence of the Almighty, safe and happy, where nothing can ever harm him again. I have thought that I felt his presence since his departure--is it possible? I am nearly 40 years old and have lost many dear pets, and have wrestled with this issue for years.

I knew something was bothering Tiger the week prior to his death, but I could not pin it down. Now I know it is done, it is over , but I wonder if I had taken him in earlier and gotten him help, maybe he would still be here today.

I won't make this any longer...I just wanted to tell someone what a wonderful, valiant spirit this little guy had. He survived many health problems and thrived nonetheless. God greatly blessed me in letting me care for Tiger, as well as all the animals he put in my life, and if I, being sinful and imperfect, love them that much, how much more must the Lord love them?

Again, thank you for your website and your Bible study.

In Christ,

Leslie Rodes

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Leslie:

Thank you very much for writing to us.

We are saddened to hear about Tiger, and we understand the pain you are feeling, because we've been through it many times ourselves.

Be assured that Tiger is in heaven with our Lord, for like us and all other animals, he is a precious living soul. He was not "a thing"! So don't worry about what other people say. We believe people are afraid to admit the truth, because if they do, it convicts them of the horrible way most animals are treated.

Tiger no longer has any pain and he'll be there waiting for you when your time comes to join him in heaven.

Also, don't try to let go. We need to mourn. Tiger holds a very special spot in your heart and soul, and you need to cherish your time together. Over time the joy will overcome the emptiness, and you'll go about your live "normally", but you'll never forget him, which is a good thing.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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