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Letter from Judi Hewitt about Her Campaign Against the Fur Trade - 1 Nov 2005

Dear Mary,

Thought you'd like to see my latest letter to 13 newspapers in North Wales. I'm hopeful that some will publish it because this is the third time of writing to them in just two weeks. If nothing else at least I'm persistent!

I originally sent them a report without pic, and heard nothing. Then I sent them a more graphic report with the attached pic - showing me binning synthetic leather and fake fur boots in defiance of the fashion industry.

Incidentally I bought my fake fur boots last year but saw no significance until I read PETA's undercover report about the terrible brutality to animals in China. I was also shocked by the fact Britain continues to allow fur into the country, knowing about the atrocities. My wearing these boots is a signal to other people that fur is great, so they were thrown away.

In fact I lost sleep and caused myself to feel quite ill worrying about those poor animals born into utter misery and tortured to death for greed!

I have been praying so hard for the suffering of these animals to stop. The only thing I can do is to try to reach people by writing in a way that gets through to them. Time will tell if I have succeeded!

Meanwhile I am organising a demo outside a shop called Nauticalia in Chester, which is selling 'Ships Cats'. These are cute looking ornamental cats made in China using real fur!!! If my letter doesn't make publication in the area where Nauticalia sells these products - a demo will! Either way, I'm getting the message out for people to boycott items designed to appeal to animal lovers, but which are truly vile!

Well that's it for now, keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,


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