LettersLetter from David Prather on TBN's Endorsement of Trophy Hunting - 24 Feb 2006
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Letter from David Prather on TBN's Endorsement of Trophy Hunting - 24 Feb 2006

Hello Frank and Mary: During the past year, my wife has suffered some serious repeat problems with a leg and has undergone several serious operations. I have been struggling to keep up with "speaking truth to power", running the wildlife sanctuary, and caring for all our domestic animals.

I am writing to get your opinion. We have been supportive of Trinity Broadcasting Network because we do get some spiritual nourishment from some of the programs they air (although many of them we also avoid). Just before VP Cheney shot the attorney instead of a quail, Paul Crouch's son had several people on from the Midwest who have "this wonderful idea," to support a ministry in Mexico by operation a trophy deer hunting operation where they live. This man (Crouch's son) said this was really wonderful and began to happily refer to the operators as "killer sheep". I am writing TBN to let them know there is no such thing as a killer sheep, but are just wolves in sheep's clothing.

When the VP made his "shot", ministers on that station began defending Cheney, saying he was a safety conscious man who spends a lot of time trophy hunting from Minnesota to Patagonia. Several of them said that there was nothing wrong with trophy hunting, that it was a lot of fun, and that they did it themselves. If I mentioned several of these men's names, you would know them immediately. I feel led to contact these "ministers", and let them know that they need to turn away from these hurtful things. Also, I will inform them that I will tell others not to support them or TBN. Since I asked you to be a pastor to me, I wanted to bounce this off your kind heart to see how you view my intentions. Any comment is appreciated. We hope to run a petition to send them from others who have been enlightened if they refuse to hear us. We hope you both are well and that you flourishing in the Spirit. How could it be otherwise?

In Christ,
David Prather

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear David:

It's very nice to hear from you. We are sorry to hear about Yvonne's medical problems and pray for a complete healing and for comfort for both of you.

You are absolutely correct about your feelings concerning the hardness of heart presented by TBN. We stopped supporting them quite some time ago. We would very much like to have the names of these other ministries and copies of your letters and answers to publish on our web site.

Hunting is most definitely anti-Christ. To enjoy killing is outright satanic. Such activities harden the heart. God wants us to have a soft heart. Also trophy hunting commits all three of the basic types of sin: the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life.

Wow! We now know that the TBN trinity apparently consists of: Satan, the beast, and the false prophet.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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