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Letter From Aswath and Surya About Religion and Animals - 11 Nov 2006

Dear Frank and Mary,

After meeting so many religious hypocrites, it is nice to find some people who really believe and follow Almighty. That gives us drive to continue in this horrible world of flesh eaters. What you are doing is a great job, greater than what all those so called religious institutions together do. We strongly support your mission to help out those innocent creatures, our fellow living beings.

Carry on with God's real mission, friends, we will do what ever our humble lives allow us to help you in your mission to propagate your message. Thank you for reminding us about our duty to God and our Planet. May the good God bestow strength and blessings on you and on who ever follows His will.

Aswath and Surya

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Aswath and Surya:

What a wonderful way to begin our day! We read your letter early this morning, and it has already shined a light upon us through the overcast and rain.

You have hit on the main reason we began our ministry. There are millions of people who have been hurt by the hardness of heart they encountered in the churches, and we decided that we needed to reach out to these people with the loving, compassionate, and peaceful teaching of Jesus and the prophets of old.

Thank you for the encouragement.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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