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Letter from Arthur Poletti to the Pope about Compassion for Animals - 17 May 2007

"His Holiness" Pope Benedict XVl

Frank & Mary Hoffman created and manage the
extremely popular and successful all creatures
web site that is filled with a large variety of
publications expressing words and illustrations
dramatically supporting the importance and
benefits of understanding the love of God and
Gods compassion and love for humans, animals,
and the earth.

The publication titled:

"The Compassion Of The Wicked Is Cruel"
is one of the most comprehensive, heart wrenching,
provocative, and convincing presentations
you will ever see regarding the importance of
promoting kindness and life for all of Gods
precious creatures.

"Holy Father" I hope that you along with members
of The College of Cardinals, The College of Bishops,
The Synod of Bishops, The Roman Curia, and other
Vatican officials take the time to read each and
every publication in this amazing presentation.

I know that after you read all of the articles in
"The Compassion Of The Wicked Is Cruel" you
will be convinced that all humans can get along
perfectly well without eating meat and that for
sure God wants animal factory farms and
slaughterhouses to close.

"Holy Father" as you know God created animals,
each with a soul, long before God created humans.

Now more then ever God needs your help and the
help of religious leaders throughout the world that
can be persuaded to come to the aid and the
defense of animals to emancipate Gods vulnerable
creatures from the hideous jaws of unnecessary
cruelty and death.

Needless and unnecessary cruelty and death to
billions of animals so that humans can spend
their lives using their stomachs as graveyards to
be filled with the butchered dead flesh of animal

The catastrophic disasters caused by or
contributed to by the livestock industry has created
the worst kind of crisis that will require the wisest
and most powerful people in the world to help solve
regardless of the personal consequences!

"Holy Father" it has been said that you find out
a great deal about the heart and soul of prominent
leaders when there is a real crisis. When unpopular
decisions need to be made because it is the
will of God and the right thing to do.

"Holy Father" the never ending worldwide battle
between cruelty and death versus kindness and
life for all of Gods beloved creatures is reaching
a new level which could turn the tide of the battle,
with your help and compassion, in favor of
kindness and life.

"Holy Father" we need many brave religious leaders
"like you" that are willing to join together and stand
tall, like Frank and Mary Hoffman, (Gods angels of
mercy) who are willing to go against the status quo,
and against all odds, for the sake of promoting the
will of God, on earth as it is in heaven.

"Holy Father" I believe God sees each one of us for
what we really are, not necessarily what we profess
to be. God knows whether we are genuine or a fraud.

I am certain you will agree that God will be in the
corner of every religious leader that decides to battle
for the emancipation of millions of factory farm and
slaughterhouse animals that experience the worst
kind of cruelty and death every day throughout the

Thank you "Holy Father" for seriously considering
this request.

For the sake of all animals.

Arthur Poletti --
Western Springs, Illinois
Author of the free online book--
God Does Not Eat Meat

"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard
also in his dealings with men. We can judge
the heart of a man by his treatment of animals"
~Immanuel Kant

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