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Letter to the Editor by Vivienne Ortega: Animal slavery - 28 Aug 2007

As published in Todays Age

Animal slavery

WE WONDER now how the African slaves were considered to have no intrinsic value.

Wilberforce was a man of compassion, but he did not confine it to humans. He supported the start of the RSPCA and defended animals against cruelty. The Quakers were vocal against slavery, but many Christians in Wilberforce's time defended it as necessary because the price of cotton would be too high otherwise.

Similarly, most churches today ignore the plight of non-human species in their scope of compassion in expressing God's love. We have millions of animals in intensive farms. Such creatures are deprived of sunlight, room to move and protection against pain and suffering. They are locked away in cells or cages without being seen by the public, and the RSPCA has no jurisdiction to protect them.

Producers are not required to give bedding or pain relief from the mutilations they endure. These animals supply our supermarkets and fast-food outlets for our animal-based food items such as pork, bacon, poultry and eggs.

The slavery of non-human species is alive and well and depends on the ignorance of the public. Either go vegan or only buy organic or free-range to avoid this shameful, but legal, industry.

Curiously Peter Costello wants to give more protection to producers against animal activists who inform the public and protest about animal cruelty.

Vivienne Ortega

Heidelberg Heights

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